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    Enjoy Weekend America's Archives

    Weekend America broadcast its last show Saturday, January 31, 2009. The show tried to tell the most eye-opening, memorable, astonishing stories about what was happening in America each weekend. On this site you’ll find literally thousands of stories spanning nearly five years. Each time you visit the site, the story boxes will refresh with different selections from the archives. You can also use the search tool, or find programs by air date or producer name. Thank you to all the listeners, programmers and staff who made Weekend America a joy to produce. Peter Clowney, executive producer

  • Stories from John Moe

    Can the FTC protect your privacy? And is privacy even real?

    The Federal Trade Commission issued a massive report on consumer privacy on Wednesday, including a list of recommendations on how websites could do more to help people protect themselves. But given how much data people are sharing online, how realistic is the expectation that we can keep our lives hidden from the Internet?

  • Stories from Desiree Cooper

    The Obama Effect

    Catherine Squires

    As we head into the last week of the presidential campaign, pollsters say Sen. Barack Obama is pulling ahead of Sen. John McCain in key battleground states. Though the outcome of the race is still far from clear, Obama's historic run for the presidency has had an effect on everything from fund-raising to art. This week at the University of Minnesota, a conference called "The Obama Effect" explored Obama's impact on America.

  • Stories from Krissy Clark

    Denver, Meet the DNC

    Democrats from around the country are headed to Denver, by plane, train, and Prius, for their party's national convention. On Monday the delegates, regular and super, will get down to business, hammer out this year's party platform, pump themselves up--and the rest of America, they hope--for the general election season. But Denver's not waiting until then to get their party started.

  • Stories from Bill Radke

    Lynchings in the Old West

    Eternity 2007

    Recently, a California photographer named Ken Gonzales-Day came face to face with the little-known history of lynching in the American West. He photographs trees in California where violent lynchings took place, often of Latinos, in the time of vigilante justice.

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Random Stories from the Archives

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    "Cool Water"

    Long Lake in Summer

    It's time to listen to your weekend soundtrack. The songs that bridge the gap from Friday to Monday. Our latest story comes from Sara Breeze in Bemidji, Minn. Her soundtrack is "Cool Water" by Joni Mitchell and Willie Nelson.

  • Good News/Bad News/No news

    Support for Georgia, the White Minority and GPS

    A Georgian journalist offers a flag to soldier

    As Russian tanks rumble down the streets of Georgia, the Bush administration has pledged its unwavering support to the former Soviet republic. The United States has airlifted Georgian troops from Iraq back to their home, while providing the Georgian military with training and equipment. Does this loyalty seem like Good News, Bad News or No News?

  • Back Home: Reflections on Iraq

    Before the Messy War

    From December 2003 to October 2004, Sandi Austin, Dylan Tete and Brian Turner completed a tour of duty in Iraq with the U.S. Army. Now they reflect on their very first and very last days on the ground in combat zones.

  • Playing Music with my Dad

    Alela Diane and her father, Tom Menig.

    Folk musician Alela Diane Menig is from Nevada City, Calif., a small Gold Rush town in Northern California with a buzzing music scene. She grew up there with her bluegrass-trained parents, so music runs in the family. Menig's father, Tom, often appears on stage to play with her.

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