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Sean Cole

  • Sean Cole

    A long-time freelance contributor to "Weekend America," Sean Cole joined the staff of the show as a Senior Reporter in December 2006. Over the years, he has also contributed work to the public radio programs "Marketplace," "Studio360," "All Things Considered" and "This American Life" among others.

    He began his radio career as an intern at Boston station WBUR in 1997, and went on to work as field producer for WBUR's "Morning Edition" and then as a reporter for the documentary series "Inside Out." Sean has won several awards, including an Overseas Press Club citation for his documentary "South Africa's Kwaito Generation - Inside Out." He has also published two short collections of poetry and a full-length volume of postcard poems titled "The December Project."

Recent Stories


  • The Sound of Simon

    Does advertising corrupt pop music? WWPSD -- What would Paul Simon do?

  • Saving the Story

    David Kirkpatrick and Nexi

    MIT is teaming up with a new movie studio in Massachusetts to create the storytelling technology of the future. We asked Reporter Sean Cole to look into the story, but instead of doing a radio report about it, he wrote a sci-fi movie-type drama, and cast himself as the reporter. So grab some Jujubes. Sit back. And enjoy the show.

  • Cell Phone Death

    Currently Unreachable

    Sean Cole's best friend in the world, Aaron, has stopped using a cell phone. He says it was too expensive, kills gorillas and that he didn't want to be reachable all the time. Aaron lives in New York City, where plans change at a moments' notice, not out of necessity, but because they put ambivalence in the water supply.

  • The Virtual Suck Tour

    Arlington Sign

    Back in 2001, a couple of teenagers in Arlington, Mass., were so sick of where they lived that they launched a Web site called "The Virtual Suck Tour of Arlington," a 25-page travelogue of their town's worst places. This was around the time that Weekend America's Sean Cole moved there.

  • Observing the Nature Watchers

    British filmmaker David Attenborough hosts a series of nature documentaries. It's a cult phenomenon on the BBC. This weekend, the Animal Planet channel will be airing his documentary "Blue Planet. "Weekend America" reporter Sean Cole wondered what it might sound like if he did a nature documentary about humans. This piece is part of a series, Stories from the Heart of the Land, currently airing on public radio stations around the country. Go to HeartOfTheLand.org for more information.

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