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Benjamin Adair

  • Benjamin Adair

    Benjamin Adair has been a journalist in Los Angeles for the past 15 years and joined the "Weekend America" staff as Managing Editor in January 2007.

    Prior to joining "Weekend America" he created and hosted the critically acclaimed arts and culture program "Pacific Drift" for Los Angeles public radio station KPCC. He also produced PRI's "The Savvy Traveler," which was heard on more than 200 public radio stations over its seven-year run. He has also contributed to many public radio programs including "All Things Considered," "Marketplace" and "Studio 360." Recent honors include a 2006 Edward R. Murrow Award for Feature Reporting and several Southern California Journalism Awards from the Los Angeles Press Club. Adair was born and raised in Chicago, Ill., and attended Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Recent Stories


  • Garageland: Ben Jackel

    Ben Jackel

    If it's not too cold in there, some of you may be listening to this show in your garage. Ben Jackel in Los Angeles does, and he heard me asking for garage stories a while back. We're calling this series Garageland - about that space where a little free time and a little extra room can allow our visions, hobbies, or dreams to flourish. For Ben Jackel, the garage is home to a very precise, intense form of art.

  • The Death of News?

    The Chicago Tribune

    In light of the Tribune bankruptcy and the massive loan the New York Times just leveraged on its own building, the future of daily journalism looks to be on life support. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Weekend America's Ben Adair debunks the top three myths of the media meltdown and tells us why reports of newspapers' demise have been severely exaggerated.

  • Saved by a Succulent Garden

    Cacti Flowers in California

    When the fierce Santa Ana winds died down last Tuesday, fire fighters quickly gained control of the huge blazes that left most of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange and Ventura counties shrouded in smoke last weekend. One of the only surviving houses in a posh Santa Barbara neighborhood was saved, perhaps, by its garden. Ben Adair explains.

  • What, Me Worry?

    Guantanamo Bay

    It's the second weekend after the election, and we're guessing a lot of you are still feeling pretty darn good. Sure there's the economy, the war, global warming - but those are all the problems of the last presidency, right? Now there's a new president, and everything's going to get whipped into shape. Well, before you start believing that every little thing's gonna be all right, remember that every silver lining has at least one dark cloud.

  • America's Weekend on Flickr.com

    Our fun "America's Weekend" tool grabs the latest 98 pictures posted on Flickr.com by Weekend America fans all over the world. Many of those photos are the starting point for some pretty great stories -- we talked to the people who shot some of our favorites, and asked them to share.

  • 'The Happy Death Song'

    Jeff Horwich

    It was Benjamin Franklin who first famously said that nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes. So while some people are doing their taxes this weekend, Jeff Horwich looks around him and sees that other thing.

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