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America's Weekend on Flickr.com

Benjamin Adair

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Grendel and Beowulf
(Steven Moore)
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Sarah Branigan's jump around during a camping trip
(Sarah Branigan)
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One of our favorite Web features is "America's Weekend" -- a tool that grabs the latest 98 pictures from the photo-sharing site Flickr.com tagged "Weekend America." There's a reason every one of those pictures was taken, and they make for some pretty great stories. We talked to the people who took some of our favorite photos, and asked them to share:

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Alex Shuey in her yellow raincoat, NYC
(Greg Shuey)
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Steven Moore, Denver, Colo.
In this photo are my two dogs, Grendel and Beowulf, for their last photo opportunity with me before moving to Ohio to live with my cousin. My mom flew out on Thursday, and then my dad was coming out on Friday to drive them back to Ohio. I was worried that they'd have trouble adjusting, but when my mom came they chose to sleep in bed with her, which was a really good sign.

But at 4 a.m., I heard whimpering outside my door. I felt really guilty -- I thought they really needed me, so I opened the door. They ran right past me, got some water from their water dish, and went right back into the guest room with my mom. I felt relieved because I knew they would be just fine without me.

Sarah Branigan, Richmond, Va.
In this photo, three friends of mine are jumping behind the campfire at our camping trip at Pocahontas State Park. It kind of started randomly one weekend. We went to the beach and decided to jump around. It made us all laugh and it was something we wanted to keep doing in different places and document us jumping.

All of us are graduate students and it's just something that started spontaneously and made us feel young, happy, free, or whatever it is that the jumping does. It really does change your state of mind.

Greg Shuey, New York City, N.Y.
In the picture, I'm following my delightful daughter Alex down the streets of the city. That day, my wife and I bought Alex her fabulous yellow raincoat. The moment she saw it she had to have it because yellow happens to be her favorite color.

When we were walking down the street, we'd have to stop every few paces just so she could see her reflection in a storefront or in a bus shelter. Even the grimmest, most severe New Yorkers couldn't help but smile -- you just saw this vision of yellow bouncing down the street.

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  • By Dara Warner

    From Raleigh, NC, 04/26/2008

    What a delightful journey I shared with Mary Anne Wise, Steven Moore, Sarah Branigan, and Greg Shuey, thanks to Weekend America and NPR! I am actually only a few months older than Mary Anne and remember fondly MY 18-year-old adventures -- and the photos all four supplied are delightful.

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