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Bill Radke

  • Bill Radke

    Co-host Bill Radke joined "Weekend America" in August of 2004. Before that, he created and hosted the National Public Radio show "Rewind," a weekly news satire program originating from KUOW-FM in Seattle. He's also been a comedy club headliner, and he wrote the essays for a photography book called "Seattle," published by Sasquatch Books.

    He and his wife spend most of their time fishing things out of their baby daughter's mouth.

Recent Stories


  • Margin calls rock the market

    The volatility in the market in the last few months can't all be blamed on what's happening to the economy. Also to blame: margin calls. As part of our "Marketplace Decoder" series, Bill Radke explains what those are.

  • "Shotgun"

    Bomba in the Ocean

    It's time to listen to your weekend soundtrack. The songs that bridge the gap from Friday to Monday. Our latest story comes from our engineer and Ironman Triathlete Tim Bomba. Tim lives in Los Angeles, and he told us that his weekend soundtrack is "Shotgun" by Junior Walker. He spoke with Bill Radke.

  • "Baila"

    Aja Johnson with her family

    Right now, I'm spending them packing up my stuff, getting ready to move with my family to Mexico, which is kind of scary. So this song puts me in a good mood and gets me motivated to actually pack my stuff and get ready and be happy about it. It's such a happy, dancey song.

  • Support for Georgia, the White Minority and GPS

    A Georgian journalist offers a flag to soldier

    As Russian tanks rumble down the streets of Georgia, the Bush administration has pledged its unwavering support to the former Soviet republic. The United States has airlifted Georgian troops from Iraq back to their home, while providing the Georgian military with training and equipment. Does this loyalty seem like Good News, Bad News or No News?

  • Media & Mindless Consumerism

    Disney Princesses

    In this latest installment of his series, "Bill's Values", Bill Radke speaks to writer Susan Linn and film critic Richard Schickel about aggressive marketing that targets children and can inhibit their natural tendencies for make-believe.

  • Spotting a Liar

    TSA Officer

    There are a lot of popular conceptions about how to spot a liar: are they talking too fast; do they avert their eyes; did their hand go up to their mouth? How accurate are these popular ideas?

  • BFF: Paris, Britney, Barack

    Britney Spears, Barack Obama, and Paris Hilton

    John McCain aired a TV ad comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. ("He's the biggest celebrity in the world, but is he ready to lead?") Is this campaign tactic Good News, Bad News or No News?

  • Congress Wants to Help

    Congress wants to help

    Congress is passing a bill to help homeowners facing foreclosure and to shore up struggling mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. President Bush doesn't love it but he won't veto it. Is the bill Good News, Bad News or No News?

  • The Modern Brady Bunch

    Six kids in a bed.

    "Individualism is great but at the same time, it consumes a tremendous amount of resources. We all understand the value of having our own car, but when gas is costing $4.50-$4.60 per gallon and likely to go up, people have an incentive to rethink some of these ideas."

  • Satirical Overkill?

    Covering Controversy

    Do you agree with our panel of experts on what was good, bad and no news this week?

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