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Weekend Soundtrack


Bill Radke

Michael Raphael

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Aja Johnson with her family
(Courtesy Aja Johnson)

Bill Radke: Aja, why is Tumbador the soundtrack to your weekend?

Aja Johnson: I don't really have much of a weekend. I only really have Saturdays off and right now, and I'm spending them packing up my stuff, getting ready to move with my family to Mexico, which is kind of scary. So this song kind of puts me in a good mood and gets me motivated to actually pack my stuff and get ready and be happy about it and not be nervous about it. It's such a happy, dancey song. It's just so great. I can listen to it over and over and over again.

Oh, that's the best part, right there.

So he is saying, like, "What you want I have, and what I want you have and when we are together we are just going to dance and do what ever we want."

Radke: That's the attitude.

Johnson: Exactly.

Radke: Why are you moving to Mexico?

Johnson: My husband is from there originally and so we're moving there to be closer to his family for a little while - just, you know, try a little something different. And with the economy, it's getting kind of hard. So why work ourselves to death for little money and not be happy when we could work the amount that we want to work and make ends meet? And be with our family and be happy and be in someplace sunny and pretty.

Radke: What's your biggest worry?

Johnson: Oh, jeez. My biggest worry is that when we get down there, we are going to have a hard time finding jobs--it's going to be hard money-wise at first. That really worries me-- that sort of, I don't know, the "American" in me. It's like, what am I going to do for money? I'm not going to have this and I'm not going to have that and I'm not going to be able to go shopping and I'm not going to do this. It's just a different way of life down there and I'm not going to have to think about those things. You know, as long as we are comfortable, as long as we have a roof over our heads, food on our table, I think we are going to be happy.

Radke: Love, family and the beach are still free, right?

Johnson: Exactly. That's all you need.

Radke: Aja Johnson of Summerville, Mass. Thank you for sharing your weekend soundtrack.

Johnson: Thanks, Bill. Thanks for calling.

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