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Weekend Soundtrack


Bill Radke

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It's time to listen to your weekend soundtrack. The songs that bridge the gap from Friday to Monday. Our latest story comes from our engineer and Ironman Triathalete Tim Bomba. Tim lives in Los Angeles, and he told us that his weekend soundtrack is "Shotgun" by Junior Walker. He spoke with Bill Radke.


Bill Radke: Tim, why is "Shotgun" your weekend soundtrack?

Tim Bomba: The energy that this song has, when I'm out training on the weekends for triathlons and marathons. When I get a little tired, when I'm getting just a little run down. Sometimes we're doing six or seven hour rides on the bikes at Santa Monica Mountains. A lot of times I'm training for so long, there is nobody to bounce ideas off of. I'm strictly in my own thoughts. We never wear iPods when we race or when we train. So what I'm hearing is myself, my breathing, nature, and all I have to rely on is that mental drive, at some point, because my body is going to start to get a little tired. I just play this song and I hear James Graves hitting that badant-badant-badant on the snare drum and then Junior rips into that sax solo.

Radke: And it's all in your head?

Bomba: It's all in my head. I know the tempo. And what I'll start doing in races, because I have this song so close, I have it basically memorized � is I'll go into double-time when I'm running. Meaning for every beat of the song, I'm taking two steps. So I'm basically running like "tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap." What you have up there is just nature and just songs in my head, just driving me up the mountains. And when I'm running, you know, it gives me that chance that I don't have on the weekdays, where I can maybe put in an hour here and an hour there. I can take off for a four hour run in the mountains and know that I don't have to be back for four hours and know that when I get done I can take it easy. But just getting up there and pushing it and getting lost and going into my thoughts - that's the amazing part of it. It's just the time I have to do it.

Radke: When you're running in the mountains, what are you seeing?

Bomba: Well, the immediacy of the beauty of the Santa Monica Mountains. You take a turn on any of these fire trails and what you have is landscape that is just amazing. You're seeing rock formations that go up another thousand feet in front of you. You're seeing just the endless trail in front of you. You can look over one side, you can see a cliff go down two hundred yards or so. When you get to the top of the first hill or the second hill, there's another hill just waiting for you and it's going, "Okay you're here, let's see what you're made of."

Radke: Tim, thanks a lot for sharing your weekend soundtrack.

Bomba: Thanks for having me, it's been a pleasure.

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  • By cynthia kester

    From west chester, OH, 09/14/2008

    Wonderful piece ! Great ! I would love to have Mr. Tim Bomba's "play list", please. Yours is great - his is awesome. Thank you, Cynthia

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