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Krissy Clark

  • Krissy Clark

    Krissy Clark's first radio work took place among persimmon trees and stray cats in a garden shed turned micro-radio station. She then spent several years covering the economy and culture of the western United States for "Radio High Country News" based in Paonia, Colo. She reported on politics and the environment for public radio station KUAR in Little Rock, Ark.

    Clark has earned awards for her radio stories, including an audio documentary about nuclear weapons development in the American West. Her pieces have been featured on National Public Radio, "Making Contact," and transom.org.

    Clark has a B.A. in the Humanities from Yale College, where she also learned the fine art of Bulgarian folk singing, including the glottal yip.

Recent Stories


  • Should you be liable for "crash taxes"?

    "Crash taxes" may go by other names, but they're essentially fees for public services like fire department response and clean-up in auto accidents. But who should foot the bill?

  • Trying to quantify the intangible

    It's relatively easy to measure how much a Gulf businessman lost in products and profits due to the BP oil spill -- but how about the tears shed and the stress caused by the spill? Marketplace's Krissy Clark looks into the tricky method of measuring "non-use value."

  • Can there be clean air and economic growth?

    Economic growth is often coupled with an increase in pollution. But those two factors may not be mutually inclusive, at least not the way they once were.

  • An addiction to oil or a way of life?

    Oil spills around the world may be the fault of individual companies, but Americans -- with their bus-less suburbs, saran wraps and highways -- are also perpetuating the country's reliance on oil.

  • Oil Industry Jargon can be fun

    Of course every industry has its jargon, but the words repeated daily on news shows (including ours) to describe what's going on in the Gulf of Mexico seem to have a special flair. Many of these words have a long history in the oil and gas industry.

  • Many banks not understanding of Gulf businessmen

    Oil may no longer be spilling into the Gulf, but it still leaves many Gulf businessmen at the mercy of banks and creditors who may not be sympathetic to their circumstances.

  • 'Think twice, act once,' says new BP cap

    Sure, the new cap on BP's leaking oil well may have a chance of stanching the flow and all parties involved can breathe a sigh of relief, but after, what next?

  • Will oil well partners help pay for spill?

    BP has said it will pay for the oil disaster in the Gulf. And it's asking two partners to help. Anadarko Petroleum and Mitsui Oil Exploration own 35% the destroyed well. And BP contends they're liable for 35% of the costs. Krissy Clark reports the companies aren't necessarily reaching for their checkbooks.

  • Justice Department keeps an eye on BP

    BP CEO Tony Hayward is touring the world asking rich countries to invest, or keep investing, in his beleaguered company as costs for the Gulf oil spill shoot upwards. Apparently, though, this is not just BP's problem. It turns out the U.S. Justice Department is taking a special interest in these meetings. Krissy Clark reports.

  • Life goes on after foreclosure

    Stories of families in the throes of losing their homes are all over the news. But what happens to those families -- and the homes -- after the foreclosure is final? Krissy Clark visits a couple in Las Vegas to find out.

  • Where did the weekend come from?

    Right now millions of Americans are probably counting the minutes until their weekend starts. But the idea of a weekend is a pretty new concept. Krissy Clark reports.

  • Foreclosure has huge impact on seniors

    You might assume that the majority of people in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure are young or inexperienced. But a recent study by the AARP shows that nearly a third of all people facing foreclosure are 50 or older. Krissy Clark reports.

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