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The Obama Effect

Desiree Cooper

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Catherine Squires
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As we head into the last week of the presidential campaign, pollsters say Senator Barack Obama is pulling ahead of Senator John McCain in key battleground states. But some researchers say: Not so fast. Joe Feagin of Texas A & M University argues that racism is still likely to deflate Obama's numbers on Nov. 4th. Others, like the University of Minnesota's Catherine Squires, say we have yet to fully understand how multicultural images in popular culture have affected the millions of young voters who've been energized by this year's presidential race. To explore the effect that Obama's historic run for the presidency has had on everything from fund-raising to art, Squires organized a conference this week at the University of Minnesota called "The Obama Effect." Earlier this week, Weekend America's Desiree Cooper talked to Squires and Feagin about the effect Obama's candidacy has had on race relations.


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  • By Kevin Stanchfield

    From Pasadena, CA, 10/25/2008

    Race is meaningless. That's were the discussion on race need to to start and end.

    By mike lapp

    From PA, 10/25/2008

    If we really want a national conversation about race, why not establish a wiki on race relations? What we need is a grassroots community, not another government commission.

    By Leslie Gries

    From Omaha, NE, 10/25/2008

    People keep speaking of the "Bradley effect" speaking of how white voters backed out of voting for him at the last minute. If Obama wins by a landslide it will be because mostly white Republicans cross over and vote for him at the last minute in the privacy of the voting booth because they fear that a McCain/Palin administration may be just as chaotic as their campaign has been.

    By mae arant

    From chapel hill, NC, 10/25/2008

    I am continually disturbed about media's myopic depiction of racism. There is absolutely no doubt that racism is a reality for African Americans; we all need to examine our true motives for how we view and treat our fellow human beings. However, there is an aspect of racism that is continually ignored-that is the racism perpetuated by African Americans against others. As an Asian American, I have felt the sting and humiliation of racism by Caucasians and African Americans alike. I wish that there were more studies about this aspect of racism in order to delve in to all aspects of racism.

    PS I am a staunch supporter of Barack Obama because he is an intelligent and careful man who will view the Presidency not as a personal fiefdom but an office of responsibility toward all.

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