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Election 2008

How Many Donuts Does it Take to Feed a Campaign?

Desiree Cooper

Bill Radke

Krissy Clark

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On the front page of Friday's New York Times, an article called "Donors Worried by Clinton Campaign Spending" detailed the millions that Senator Hillary Clinton is spending on her presidential run.

Most of the expenditures were on what you'd expect: thousands on hotel rooms, campaign consultants, media buys and polling.

But even small expenses piled up quickly. In January the campaign spent more than $11,000 on pizza and $1,200 on Dunkin' Donuts runs. What can $1,200 get you at Dunkin' Donuts these days? We did the math.

That's 344 cups of coffee
168 chocolate-frosted donuts
72 powdered donuts
109 raspberry-jelly donuts
96 M&M donuts
158 strawberry-frosted donuts
205 chocolate glazed donuts
97 French crullers
61 Bavarian creme donuts
1,025 Munchkins
and 1 muffin.

For a grand total of $1,199.31.

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  • By Bill Kalbrener

    From Juneau, AK, 02/23/2008

    Regarding; How Many Donuts Does It Takes to Feed a Campaign? This was the third time I have heard this topic and I cannot understand why you, and other media outlets bring this up without mentioning that she is taking care of a large number of people, volunteers, who are putting in long hours for free, or at their own expense.
    I believe it is a inexpensive way to say thanks to her campaign workers. Apparently, Mr. Obama, doesn't buy coffee and donuts for his volunteers and I find that sad. Maybe he does buy pizza for his workers but the media wants to criticize Mrs. Clinton, so it is not mentioned, and you are joining in this bias. It is interesting, I was originally for Obama, but your slant seems unfair and has inspired me not only to email you, but to send money to the Clinton campaign if she promises to buy a few pizzas for the campaign workers.
    One more thing, I noticed three names on the byline, why does it take so many people to write a short article like this? Did they also write the material for the audio broadcast?
    Thank you for the story, if you are stumped for next week, you might try investigating the media bias for Mr. Obama. My guess it has something to do with age and economic class of writers and reporters,(and their bosses). It would be nice to see somebody do it while it is still occurring,(rather than after the election)don't you? Keep up the good work.
    Yours truly, Bill Kalbrener

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