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Hour 1

  • Wii Time

    Downtime in Anbar Province

    Now that the violence has lessened in Iraq's Anbar Province, soldiers are getting creative with their downtime on the base: video games, golfing and lots of chewing the fat. Adam Allington brings us their stories.

  • Music Bridge:
    Help Yourself
    Artist: Sun
    CD: I'll Be the Same (Staubgold)
  • Election 2008

    How Many Donuts Does it Take to Feed a Campaign?

    On the front page of Friday's New York Times, an article called "Donors Worried by Clinton Campaign Spending" detailed the millions that Senator Hillary Clinton is spending on her presidential run. Most of the money was spent on what you'd expect: thousands on hotel rooms, campaign consultants, media buys and polling. But some of the expenditures were pretty odd.

  • Music Bridge:
    Contube Alomany
    Artist: Tennis
    CD: Europe on Horseback (bip hop)
  • An Author Weighs in on Cuba

    A graffiti mural in Havana.

    Cuban-American author and Professor Cristina Garcia shares her feelings about what it means to be Cuban and how Fidel Castro's resignation may affect her community.

  • Weekend Soundtrack

    "The Heart of Saturday Night"

    At the South Pole

    When Nathan Tift of Edina, Minn., hears "The Heart of Saturday Night," by Tom Waits, he thinks of a time he was in one of the most remote and coldest places on earth: the South Pole.

  • Music Bridge:
    In A Secret Garden
    Artist: Steffen Basho-Junghans
    CD: Late Summer Morning (Strange Attractors Audio House)
  • The Best Movie Lines Ever?

    "It's the Libyans!"

    Weekend America asked you for your most memorable movie lines. And you responded in force. Read some of the best movie lines ever as determined by you, our listeners.

  • An Old Town Under Hollywood Lights

    Palace Theater

    Two of the Best Picture nominations, "No Country for Old Men" and "There Will be Blood," were shot in the small, southwest Texas town of Marfa. We hear from a local resident about the experience of having Hollywood invade his quiet town.

  • Music Bridge:
    Shy Noon
    Artist: Sack & Blumm
    CD: Shy Noon (Gefriem)
  • From Refugee to All Star

    Reuben M. Koroma

    The band Refugee All Stars was formed in a refuge camp in Sierra Leone during a brutal civil war. Like a fairy tale, they were discovered by a major label. Now they have released several albums and have toured throughout the world. Weekend America's Michael May caught up with the band to talk about their success.

Hour 2

  • James Kilat and Julius Nganga

    On the Sidelines of the Election

    There are about 25 million foreign-born people living in this country who cannot legally vote, but they can pay attention to the presidential fever that's taken over the country. Reporter Mhari Saito talks to some immigrants who have political opinions even though they are not allowed to vote.

  • Music Bridge:
    Return From Byzantium
    Artist: Voice of the Seven Woods
    CD: Voice of the Seven Woods (Twisted Nerve)
  • Moldy Moose and Other Tales from Wrangell, Alaska

    Big Fish

    The station in Wrangell, Alaska, just added Weekend America to its roster, so we decided to drop in on them and see what's happening in the remote fishing village. We talk to Beth Comstock, who works for the local paper, The Wrangell Sentinel.

  • Castro and Cancer-Causing Light

    Our panel of non-experts review the news-worthiness of this week's news. This week our panel includes Dana Gould, John Ridley and Samantha Power.

  • Election 2008

    How to Make Fun of Barack Obama

    The Real Deal

    How do you laugh at Barack Obama? Members of Chicago's Second City share some comedic advice.

  • Igloos and Cats and Birds and Cookies

    Tea and Tragedy

    On our Web site, we've been making this magical computer collage of the pictures our listeners have taken over the weekend. We randomly grab the latest 104 pictures from Flickr that are tagged "Weekend America" -- or just "weekend" -- and post them on our Web site. It's been looking really cool lately and we decided to ask a few of the photographers who appeared on the site to tell us about their photos and their weekends.

  • Schuyler's Monster

    Schuyler Will Be Heard

    Robert Rummel-Hudson's daughter, Schuyler, has a rare brain deformation that makes it impossible for her to speak. Throughout her childhood, before he even knew she had the disease, Robert, posted all about being a new parent on his blog. And he continued throughout and after the diagnosis. It's provided unvarnished truth about raising a child with a disability.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Hauschka
    CD: Room to Expand (Fat Cat)
  • Shanties on Ice

    Sent from the Ice

    Every year on Medicine Lake, people submit designs in hope of being chosen to erect their shanty on the lake. It's the Art Shanty Project in Minnesota and Weekend America's Angela Kim and Sanden Totten paid the village a visit.

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