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Igloos and Cats and Birds and Cookies

Shirley Shin

Neille Ilel

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Tea and Tragedy
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Latham Jenkins of Jackson Hole, Wyo.: In this picture we've begun the foundation for our Igloo. During the wintertime in Wyoming our weekends are filled with looking for things to do. And creating a project like building an igloo is something that the kids really look forward to.

You know a three-year-old can be really helpful in the process. He's packed down all the snow that went into making these blocks. He's most excited about taking the snow knife and cutting an entryway into the igloo.

Carrie Anne Castillo, Central Valley of California: We have a pond in our backyard and it attracts a lot of birds. The cats just crowd around the windows watching them bathe. It's kind of like bird porn for them.

In this shot, Zorro, one of my cats, is on the kitchen counter stalking a dove on the fence outside. Zorro gets very excited when he sees the birds outside, so he's going a little nuts looking through the window. His teeth start chattering and he gets a little butt wiggle.

Kelly Hogaboom, Hoquiam, Wash.: In this photo, you see my son Nels with his head in his hands on a picnic table next to my husband's cup of tea.

We'd gone out picnicking and he wanted the top cookie in an identical stack of five and at the moment the picture is taken, he believes one of us ate the top cookie. He's just devastated and just weeping on the table.

In the moment that my son started to make this fuss, my husband -- who likes to capture our kids in these kind of candid positions -- just snapped the picture right at that second. Nels was sad for about 15 seconds before we got him his correct cookie and we moved on and had a great lunch.


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  • By Suzanne Olson

    From Renton, WA, 02/23/2008

    I just heard the photographers describe their photos so hopped on the site to check them out. It's so tremendously meaningful to hear the voice of the person who composed the image. I delighted by their generousity - many thanks!

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