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Shirley Shin

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  • Letters: Wild Harvest, Kindergarten Punks

    Listeners wrote in to tell us about eating stuff they've harvested in the city they live in, how to handle a kindergartener with a mohawk and the level of humor appropriate for public radio.

  • Letters: Losing a Team and a Planet

    The Desert Planet Tatooine

    This week we hear from listeners who urge us to forget about the Seattle SuperSonics, chaperone a middle-school dance and get out Star Wars planets down.

  • Igloos and Cats and Birds and Cookies

    Tea and Tragedy

    On our Web site, we've been making this magical computer collage of the pictures our listeners have taken over the weekend. We randomly grab the latest 104 pictures from Flickr that are tagged "Weekend America" -- or just "weekend" -- and post them on our Web site. It's been looking really cool lately and we decided to ask a few of the photographers who appeared on the site to tell us about their photos and their weekends.

  • Listeners Weigh in on Having More than One Child

    Listeners are still weighing in on Weekend America host Bill Radke's ambivalence about having a second child. We also hear from Louis Wynne, a professor of psychology at the University of New Mexico and the author of the "Healing the Hurting Soul: a survival manual for the black sheep of every family."

  • Three Kinds of Fortunes

    Tools of the Trade

    This is the year of the rat, according Chinese astrology. Rats are smart, mischievous and maybe a little too clever for their own good. Famous Rats include Galileo, Shakespeare, Jimmy Carter, Gwenyth Paltrow and rapper Eminem. At the start of every new year, many take the time to reflect on the past. Some prefer the active approach. Like Weekend America's Shirley Shin. No lunar year would be complete without a visit to the neighborhood psychic.

  • The Kids are All Right

    Listeners took issue with our panelists' take on the intentions of children. We take the opportunity to learn about the history of children's rights.

  • Democrats Abroad Cast a Vote

    Meredith Gowan LeGoff

    Presidential campaigns are pulling all-nighters in South Carolina and Florida, as well as in Sweden, Hong Kong and Madagascar. American Democrats living abroad will be voting next month by mail, fax, in polling places and -- for the first time -- over the Internet.

  • Giving Up Cell Phones and Cocaine

    Last week listeners thought we talked too light- heartedly about addiction. But they were pleased that we explored the idea of trashing the cell phone.

  • Women's New Roles in War

    Marine In Training

    The conflict in Iraq is different from any other for many women in the military. Women are dying in greater numbers, but also facing more difficulties in military life, including sexual harassment. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper gets an update.

  • First Time Politicos

    Ready for Take-off

    The 2008 presidential elections are drawing more Americans into politics for the first time. We hear from listeners who are registering to vote or joining campaigns for the first time, and ask them why they had to get involved.

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