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Giving Up Cell Phones and Cocaine

Brendan Newnam

Shirley Shin

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I'm glad that someone has given up a cell phone. It is a device that is too intrusive in one's normal life. It's time we stop living with or in fear. I have never had a cell phone and I know two other people who don't have cell phones either, my younger brother and my father. My father is in Kerrville, Texas, and my brother is in Sequim, Wash. We have a bet going on to see who will be the last one to get a cell phone. It will be interesting to see who will be the most stubborn if phone companies ever eliminate land line phone service.

My number one reason for not having a cell phone is personal privacy. My uninterrupted privacy is very important to me. The number two reason is cost. The average cell phone cost of $50 every month is not worth the potential invasion of my privacy.

The only people in my immediate family with cell phones are my older sister and her two adult daughters. Also, if common-law marriage is still applicable in the State of Washington, then my "sister-in-law" also has a cell phone, though I think she has it mainly for emergencies.

I am quite happy to be cell phone free. I only hope being cell phone free won't deny me from finding a woman to share my life with.

Over 50 but still looking.

Craig Jones
Blue Ridge, Va.

I have a cell phone, and guess what? Sometimes I turn it off, leave it at home, and even - gasp!! - sometimes I don't answer it.

This guy's problem doesn't have to do with having or not having a cell phone. It is needing to have a story that he thinks makes him unique.

Barbara Metz
Seattle, Wash.

I just heard your panel's reaction to the development of a cocaine vaccine. I realize your show is part news and part entertainment, but I couldn't help but think that none of your panel members have been touched by addiction. They are talking about it WAY too lightly.

As one whose community has not only been touched, but even crushed by addiction, it was painful to hear addiction issues made so light of. It IS a scourge. Yes, the young people addicted make the decision to use the drug thinking they are above addiction; they quickly learn otherwise. How I wish there were a vaccine, because it seems that young people still think they are invincible and can play with fire and not be burned. Hasn't it been that way through the ages?

Harrisburg, Pa.

Thanks for the fun snow feature. But after 15 years of working as a public radio and television producer/reporter in Alaska, I have yet to hear of "Alaskan Languages." That's like calling the languages spoken in California, "Californian." I believe the reference in the story is to Alaska Native languages.

Katie Bausler
Juneau, Alaska

I just read your e-mail newsletter dated Jan. 11, 2008. I saw the "What Are You Doing This Weekend" feature on telepathic communication with pets. People seem to like to make fun of this, but I've personally attended a two-day introductory class on animal communication, and I can tell you that it is real. It can be very helpful to animals and to people. I hope the person who is going to the seminar in Albuquerque, N.M., has a good experience and is able to help his or her pets or other animals.

Susan Mullen
Seattle, Wash.

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