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Letters: Plumbing Curious, Hunter-Gatherers and Gourmet on a Budget

Millie Jefferson

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Our story on tiny houses was the most popular segment on the web last week. Listeners also responded vociferously to some views expressed by our "Good News, Bad News, No News" panelists. "Built to Fail" got you guys thinking. And many of you were inspisred by MFK Fisher's "How to Cook a Wolf". Below is a sampling of the letters we received on the segments we aired in the last two weeks.

I'm curious about the plumbing situation this puts the inhabitants of these houses in!
Emma Binderup
Lancaster, Penn.


You guys missed an interesting fact--humans (especially women) are wired to shop. As hunter-gatherers, gathering (examining, selecting, rejecting, taking home) releases endorphins into the brain. It really IS shopping therapy.
Lois Boulware
Boise, Idaho


In 1996, during Newt Gingrich's Republican Winter, our house was on a very tight budget. In addition to the bread I'd always baked, I began to make pasta, and to write a cookbook. "Eye of Newt: a conjuror's cookbook for the working poor" focused on making good food for the family without going broke. With a comparison budget for CSA farm purchases, I thought I was ahead of my time. MFK Fisher puts me to shame. Thank you for your story.
Shlomit Auciello
Rockland, Maine

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  • By Helen Massingill

    From Clarksville, VA, 07/27/2008

    In Gourmet on a Budget, the commentator mentioned an ingredient she uses to add special flavor. It comes in a bottle and costs about $8.50. Thanks for letting me know the name.

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