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Letters: Survivors of Suicide, Axl Rose, and a Post-Election Mixtape

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Surivors of Suicide: Doug Merrill
(Desiree Cooper)

Quite a few listeners have had strong emotional reactions, both happy and sad, to certain parts of the show recently. In fact, there may have been some crying and laughing. We hear your responses to our segments on survivors of suicide, Axl Rose's editor and our post-election mixtape.


A couple weeks ago we ran a story about Doug Merrill, a high school baseball coach who has lost several students to suicide over the years. More than a few listeners wrote in to say the story brought tears to their eyes when they heard it.

Sonja Brouwers, of Henderson, Nev., says:

"I listen to Weekend America on my Saturday afternoon run. Please warn me ahead of time if you plan to air another story as sad as the one on survivors of suicide. I looked like such an idiot running down the sidewalk crying like a baby."

Sometimes on Weekend America we have serious stories as well as lighter ones, and we have to go from one to the other. Maybe some kind of warning bell would be a good idea. And for the funny ones, maybe a laugh track?

Listener Jen Kindborn, of Wooster, Ohio, could've used a warning before a recent segment in which we critiqued the grammar and poetry of a well known Guns N Roses song. She writes:

"My only disappointment about 'Editor Meets Sweet Child O' Mine' was that I listened to it in the car alone. So everyone who saw me drive by saw me cracking up by myself! Thanks for the laughs!"

And finally, some of you out there are simultaneously laughing and crying. Echoing a handful of letters, Jenny Heimberg, of Alexandria, Va., writes:

"I thought it was over - or that I was safe at least until January 20th - but it happened again while listening to the post-election song mix during last week's broadcast. That mix of songs made me stop what I was doing and break-down into yet another sappy, silly but joyous crying spell. P.S. Hi, John."

Hi, Jenny. Not that I expected my sister-in-law to write in to the show. But that's cool

Well, thanks everyone for all your letters. Keep them coming, and let us know, how're you feeling?

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