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Weekend America Series




  • Letters: Ocean Pollution and Goodbyes

    The Blue Flamingo Thrift Store

    We open the Weekend America mailbag to hear your responses to recent stories. Weekend America's last episode is January 31, and listeners have been writing us to say goodbye. We also revisit our story on ocean pollution from earlier this month, which prompted questions from listeners about the pharmaceutical pollution entering U.S. waterways.

  • Letters: Weekend Soundtrack and Music Mashups

    Charles Wommack on his bike

    We open the Weekend America mailbag and hear listener reactions to our stories. Recently we heard from a mountain biker named Charles Wommack, who is recovering from a stroke. His story inspired Sara Benson to write in about her own recovery from an accident that happened on a bike. Also, we look into whether digital sampling is breaking the law or the inevitable future of music.

  • Letters: Cowboys and Human Rights

    Max Rameau, founder of Take Back the Land

    We open the Weekend America mailbag to hear your responses to recent stories. This week, in response to our story about Muslim country singer Kareem Salama, we hear from a black country music fan. Many of you also had questions about our piece on homeless people moving into foreclosed homes in Miami. We turned to an expert to learn more about human rights vs. property rights.

  • Letters: Survivors of Suicide, Axl Rose, and a Post-Election Mixtape

    Surivors of Suicide: Doug Merrill

    Quite a few listeners have had strong emotional reactions, both happy and sad, to certain parts of the show recently. In fact, there may have been some crying and laughing. We hear your responses to our segments on survivors of suicide, Axl Rose's editor and our post-election mixtape.

  • Letters: Prop 8, Post Election Mixtape and Pilgrim Hats

    We open the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to recent stories, including a California church-goer who voted for, not against, Proposition 8; a post-election mixtape of listeners' favorite voting season songs; and, in preparation for Thanksgiving, one explanation for what those buckles were doing on the Pilgrims' hats.

  • Letters: Race, Money, and Sailing

    Endurance Sailing

    It's time to open the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to recent shows. This week, host John Moe learns about whether there's any way to determine world records in endurance sailing. Also we hear your responses to last week's segments on race and forgiveness at a Michigan church, and our essay from a college teacher forced to sell her books to buy food.

  • Letters: Black Hebrews and Google Bets

    Reggie Prim and friend in Israel.

    It's time to open the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to recent shows. This week we hear listener reactions to a difficult childhood as a Black Hebrew in Israel; how we settled bets in the days before Google; and we wonder why nobody admits that listening to the radio is part of weekend fun.

  • Letters: Purple Hearts, Barbies Forever and Air Taxis

    A Cirrus SR22, known for its parachute.

    Charlie Schroeder's piece about his father catching an air taxi from Culebra to Puerto Rico prompted some of you to say "air taxis?"

  • Letters: Share Your Harvest

    Volunteer Norm Bell collects citrus fruit

    We received a few scoldings from listeners for our story about backyard gardeners selling their extra produce to grocery stories and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. We were reminded that food banks need your extra veggies. It turns out the food bank movement was launched on just this idea.

  • Letters: Plumbing Curious, Hunter-Gatherers and Gourmet on a Budget

    The Answer

    Time again to open up the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to our recent stories. Listeners wanted to know more about shopping and our brains, living in a tiny house without running water, and cooking in hard times.

  • Letters: Kites, Narcs Gone Bad

    Centipede kite

    We love letters from our lovely listeners. Some of you praised us, others chastised us for the stories we broadcast. At least one story - on the "Turncoat Narc" - inspired a spirited debate amongst listeners. If something we broadcast touched you, angered you, saddened or inspired you, let us know. You can read more listener responses here.

  • Letters: Horse Commuter, Rhinoplasty Responses

    Portrait of the artist as a young woman

    We received a lot of letters regarding last week's feature on a man who took to commuting by horse to protest high gas prices. And we're still getting letters about Bill Radke's interview with a woman who had a nose job that changed her life.

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