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Hour 1

  • Past Images, Present View.

    Getting Race Right

    From immigration to Sen. Barack Obama to Middle Eastern prejudices, race is a hot topic in the news. Journalists are meeting this weekend at the Unity convention in Chicago to discuss how race and ethnicity is covered by the media. Weekend America's Desiree Cooper is at the event, and she speaks with two seasoned journalists about the difficulties of accurately reporting on racial diversity.

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    Or With the Tea
    Artist: Christopher Willits
    CD: Folding and the Tea (12k)
  • Tending the Fire

    Zendo at Tassajara Hot Springs

    In the Big Sur area, fires that have burned for a month are now mostly contained. The area's National Parks are open again, but voluntary evacuations are still in effect which means people who live there need special passes to get in. And that includes the monks at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

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    Dungtitled (in A Major)
    Artist: Stars of the Lid
    CD: And Their Refinement of Decine (Kranky)
  • Remembering the Projects

    Chicago public housing

    Most of the old Chicago public housing projects have been demolished, but some former residents are now embracing the friends and memories they made over the years, and the sometimes very trying years, they lived there. A few residents are helping to launch the Public Housing Museum, which is meant to be a national repository of public housing memories and learning.

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    Artist: Boom Bip
    CD: Blue Eyed in the Red Room (Lex)
  • Letters

    Letters: Plumbing Curious, Hunter-Gatherers and Gourmet on a Budget

    The Answer

    Time again to open up the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to our recent stories. Listeners wanted to know more about shopping and our brains, living in a tiny house without running water, and cooking in hard times.

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    Artist: Monolake
    CD: Hongkong-Remastered (Monolake)
  • The Weekend Shift

    The Intimate Times of Life

    Debra Nicholls heading off to her weekend job.

    Many people work weekend jobs. Even more people work jobs they carry with them on their days off. Debra Nicholls' weekend job not only stays with her all week, but changes how she experiences her life.

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    Artist: Fibreforms
    CD: Stone (room tone)
  • Sustainability

    Going Solar Gets Cheaper

    The volunteers form an assembly line

    About three-dozen friends are hanging out on the roof of Kevin Frank's home in Holderness, New Hampshire. They're there to save the environment, and a few bucks in the process.

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    Zing Zong
    Artist: Pink Skull
    CD: Zerppelin 3 (Free news)
  • To Dare Mighty Things

    Candyce and David

    When the Tour de France wraps up in Paris, the riders will have covered a total of 3,500 kilometers or 2100 miles. That's roughly two-thirds the distance across the United States. Now, that might seem like an awfully long time to be on a bicycle but, not to Candyce Deddens. She's no stranger to long bike rides.

Hour 2

  • Head of Nuisance

    This Weekend in 1968: Iraq

    The Ba'ath Party wrested control of Iraq's government 40 years ago in 1968. Although initially bloodless, the so-called "White Revolution" became increasingly ruthless as a young and ambitious Saddam Hussein consolidated his power and silenced his opposition. On the anniversary of the Ba'athist Regime's rise to power, we hear from Iraqis who witnessed the birth of a new government.

  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Congress Wants to Help

    Congress wants to help

    Congress is passing a bill to help homeowners facing foreclosure and to shore up struggling mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. President Bush doesn't love it but he won't veto it. Is the bill Good News, Bad News or No News?

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    Round the Way
    Artist: Nomo
    CD: Ghost Rock (Ubiquity)
  • Catching the Big One

    Chris on the hook

    More than 30 million people in the United States fish each year. What a nice relaxing way to spend the weekend. Kicking back, waiting for a nibble. But sometimes fishing can go wrong. Very wrong.

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    Slips pt 3
    Artist: Ribbon Effect
    CD: Slip (Room Tone)
  • Scaling Swiftcurrent Pass

    Ptarmigan Tunnel Pass

    Swiftcurrent Pass in Glacier National Park rises sharply from Going to the Sun Road, a winding highway that slithers along the edge of a deep valley in the center of the park. From the car, the mountains look impossibly steep and majestic. From the tree-covered trails, they just look impossibly steep.

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    Hanging From the Rafters
    Artist: Human Bell
    CD: Human Bell (Thrill Jockey)
  • New History for an Old Lynching

    Booker Townsell in uniform.

    Growing up in Milwaukee, Lashell Drake spent a lot of time with her grandfather. They were close. He liked to talk. But one thing he never talked about was World War II. Only recently did Lachell learn why - a reason he carried with him to his grave.

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    Artist: Olufur Arnolds
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