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Celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

Bill Radke

Suzie Lechtenberg

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Celebrate gardening in the buff...
(Courtesy World Naked Gardening Day Web site)
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Today is "World Naked Gardening Day." No, really. And yes, gardeners around the world are marking the day with... well, nothing.

Jay North is an organic gardener in Ojai, Calif. He's an advocate of both the gardening and the nudity:

Bill Radke: Jay, where are you?

Jay North: We are at the community garden in downtown Ojai -- and no, my clothes are not off.

Radke: Uh, huh.

North: This is a very much a public garden, and is directly across the street from the police department.

What can you see?

Beautiful flowers... Lots of herbs coming up right now, and flowering herbs... kale, cabbage.

Why are you into naked gardening?

For one thing, I am a naturalist and I enjoy being nude in nature. So if I go hiking in the mountains, or if I go to the hot springs or out in the wilderness, I just enjoy taking my clothes off.

How is that different from covered up gardening?

I love the sun on my back. And I don't know exactly how to put it into words, except to say there might be some kind of spiritual connection.

What about all of the sunscreen between you and the Earth?

I don't use it. I don't believe in sunscreen.

Oh, OK... And when you are gardening naked, what do you notice? What would I notice if I garden naked for the first time?

(laughing) I'm glad you didn't ask what you would notice about me!


What you might notice about yourself is you may be slightly more aware of your environment. You'll certainly be more aware of the weather -- hot, cold, breezy. You might experience the joy that I and a few of my friends get by gardening in the nude.

And would I have to give up blackberries?

(laughing) Just don't get too close, and don't bend the wrong way, and watch what you do with the clippers. Be careful of bee stings and where they sting, that can definitely be a downside... And I have been stung.

How is it going over with your neighbors?

At first it didn't go over well. And I have a slat fence -- so you can, if you want to, peer through. And you can see what's going on in the back yard. And for some reason, there were two or three neighbors who weren't particularly happy about me having my clothes off in my own yard. One of them actually called the police like 13 times. They only came out nine. And then they stopped showing up, because I wasn't breaking any laws.

So this woman, the last thing she wants to do is see you naked, and she's peering through the slat fence to check on you?

(laughing) How else is she going to know I'm naked!

Jay, enjoy the day, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for your time.


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  • By .salvador jimenez

    From Homestead FL, FL, 05/06/2013

    Hello l enjoy been naked ,in my garden is fantastic,feelings free,we practice ,work and love it ,every weekend not every yeyyar ,sometimes 3 times a week ,what a wonderful experience.

    By .salvador jimenez

    From Homestead FL, FL, 05/06/2013

    Hello l enjoy been naked ,in my garden is fantastic,feelings free,we practice ,work and love it ,every weekend not every yeyyar ,sometimes 3 times a week ,what a wonderful experience.

    By mike embry

    From kemp, TX, 02/07/2009

    I'm envious! I too, love to be yard naked, but I have an evil neighbor, plus (even though I have 10 acres) my garden area is open toward the road. However, summer nights are my bare times

    By Tom Mulhall

    From Palm Springs, CA, 05/03/2008

    My name is Tom Mulhall. My wife and I own a nudist resort in sunny Palm Springs, CA called The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa. Our site is http://sunnyfun.com

    Nude recreation is becoming more and more popular and seen as being a mainstream activity here in America. From vacationing at nice nudist resorts like ours, to nude sunbathing at nude beaches, to naked gardening, Americans are slowly starting to discovers the fun and relaxation of being nude just like Europeans have been doing for decades.

    You would be surprisd at how many people enjoy being nude and nude gardening. Probably the most famous celebrity that has come out saying she likes nude gardening is the singer Shakira.

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