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Weekend Soundtrack

The Haunted House

Bill Radke

Michael Raphael

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Bill Radke: Sue, I'm sensing hostility.

Sue Ely: Really?

Tell us about this song and your weekends.

Ely: To me, this song is about that place in lost love where you're still obviously really angry, but starting to accept that things are over. And you're starting to understand how that love failed.

"This must be what you wanted, like a house wants to be haunted." What does that mean, Sue?

Ely: These haunted houses are everywhere, and when other people look at them, they see all the problems: the shingles that are missing, the fact that the shutters have fallen off, and the windows are cracked, and the vines are starting to creep up into everything. I guess I long for that point in my life where I feel that way about that lost love. When I can look at it and say, "Whew! It really is just a nasty old house that's falling down and I don't have to miss it anymore."

Sue, as long as this is your weekend soundtrack, are you really letting the house go?

Ely: I think that a good therapist would say no. I drive out the road when I take my dogs out on hikes and I listen to this song. When I go out there it helps me, and I sing it to let the bears know that I'm around.

Scaring away the bears.

Ely: Yes, if you've ever met an angsty girl in the woods, you'd know better than to bother her.

We can be a little lighthearted about this, but how are you doing?

Ely: I'm doing good. I'm doing really well.

What stage are you in in this old house?

Ely: Oh, I can still see it. I can still see the way it used to be.

Still dwelling in your dwelling.

Ely: Yup. All things take their own time.

Sue, thank you for sharing your weekend soundtrack with us.

Ely: Thank you so much, Bill.

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  • By barcode free

    From City, 10/29/2011

    Nice song. The song has got some deep meaning about the lost love.

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    By ollie smorgusboiger

    From los angeles, CA, 08/17/2008

    I thought this was a good piece. The lost love is something we can all identify with and the interpretation of the song seems insightful and revealing. Makes me more appreciative of a song and its qualities. It's also really encouraging to hear such a healthy grounded viewpoint.

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