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Hour 1

  • A Battle over Unions at Smithfield Pork

    North Carolina is the second-largest producer of hogs, and it has the second-lowest rate of unionized workers. Those two realities are at the heart of one of the longest and most bitter union battles in the country. At the largest hog processing plant in the world in the town of Tar Heel, Smithfield Pork and the United Food Commercial Workers have spent 15 years fighting over the right to represent the plant's 5,500 workers.

  • Election 2008

    Race versus Gender in 2008

    The Double Bind

    Are black women voters really torn between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as a matter of race and gender? Weekend America host Desiree Cooper weighs in.

  • Music Bridge:
    Chicago Morning
    Artist: Hauschka
    CD: Room to Expand (Fat Cat)
  • Signing Up to be Watched

    Jody Gnant

    Jody Gnant is never alone. People are always watching her, when she's sleeping, brushing her teeth or having a so-called private conversation. But it's all Gnant's choosing. She's a "lifecaster."

  • Music Bridge:
    A Paw In My Face
    Artist: The Field
    CD: From Here We Go Sublime (Kompakt)
  • Weekend Soundtrack

    The Haunted House

    Mountain Woman

    Sue Ely listens to "Haunted House" by Natalia Zukerman on the weekends. Host Bill Radke gets inside it.

  • Laughing in the Museum is Allowed

    Comedian Stephen Colbert got his portrait hung in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, at the entrance to the restrooms. Humor's not unknown in museums, but we don't always expect to find it there. Weekend America host Bill Radke speaks with conceptual artist and critic Jonathon Keats.

  • Music Bridge:
    The Suns Gliding!
    Artist: Tom Verlaine
    CD: Around (Thrill Jockey)
  • Change of Seasons

    Songs in the Dead of Winter

    Bon Iver

    Last year, Bon Iver, aka Justin Vernon, holed up in his father's hunting cabin, far away from everything and everyone. His band had just fallen apart, he was sick in bed for three months and he broke up with his girlfriend. He tells us about the time he spent alone in with the Wisconsin winter and the music he made.

  • Dance Dance Party Party

    Dance Dance Party Party!!!!

    There's a big difference between dancing around the living room in your underwear and going out to a nightclub. Each has its advantages. You're not inhibited in your living room--but dancing alone can get boring. Dance Dance Party Party bridges that gap. There are no rules. No men. No judgments. Just women, dancing in the dark.

Hour 2

  • The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections seal.

    Back to the Paper Age in Ohio

    Poll workers in Ohio's Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, are learning about a new voting system. And it's actually just like the old system. In late December, Ohio's Secretary of State cast a tie-breaking vote to scrap their three-year-old electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots. And it's a move more parts of the country are considering.

  • Election 2008

    Democrats Abroad Cast a Vote

    Meredith Gowan LeGoff

    Presidential campaigns are pulling all-nighters in South Carolina and Florida, as well as in Sweden, Hong Kong and Madagascar. American Democrats living abroad will be voting next month by mail, fax, in polling places and -- for the first time -- over the Internet.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Eric Malmburg
    CD: Verklighet & Beat (Hapna)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Yelling and Screaming

    This week's panelists discuss a stimulus package, the fight between the Clintons and Obama and a very angry voicemail message.

  • Music Bridge:
    I Want Freedom
    Artist: Chris Joss
    CD: Teraphonic Overdubs (esl)
  • Hot Beams, Cold Air

    I 35 Bridge Hard Hat

    Six months since the I-35 W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, construction plans have been going at warp speed. Crews have been working for about three and a half months, nearly around the clock, to build a new bridge by its scheduled opening date of Dec. 24. Round-the-clock work crews are nothing new, but in the dead of Minnesota winter, it's a feat. We check in with the workers building in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Music Bridge:
    King Me
    Artist: Antietam
    CD: Opus Mixtum (Carrot Top)
  • A Sighting in Stephenville


    Since the alleged UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas on Jan. 8, the town of almost 17,000 has been a buzz. News crews and UFO investigators have taken over the town with the common goal of finding out what it is people really saw. Some locals shared their stories with Weekend America.

  • Music Bridge:
    Dog Trot
    Artist: Moondog
    CD: The Viking of Sixth Avenue (Honest Jons/ Astralwerks)
  • Sounds from the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

    August Galloway Takes Off

    The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon commemorates the son of a Chippewa chief who delivered mail by dog sled along Lake Superior's rugged North Shore in the late 19th century. The Beargrease draws world-class sled dog teams from around the world. Field-recordist Curt Olson brings us the sounds of the dogs, the mushers and the fans at the event.

  • Music Bridge:
    I Kissed the Dirt + She Kissed Her Bobtail
    Artist: Guitar
    CD: Dealin with Signal and Noise (Onitor)
  • The Non-Barbecue of North Carolina

    Pork Belly

    When host Bill Rake is in North Carolina, he decides to go against the grain, to throw convention out the window, to NOT eat barbecue. Food writer Kelly Alexander was his guide to distinctive North Carolinian foods that are un-barbecued.

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