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How did your life collide with the headlines in 2007?
Iraq, the subprime crisis, Facebook, immigration, oil prices - 2007 had no shortage of hefty headlines. We'd like to hear about how these and other major news events of the past year affected you. Where did your life collide with the news in 2007?

What's your holiday performance story?
The office talent show, the neighborhood caroling posse, the school pageant ... At holiday time we often sing, dance, and dress as shepherds. Did you bloom in the warmth of your audience's adulation, or freeze up like the snowman you'd rather be building? Did your holiday performance change your life or that of someone close to you?

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Program Archive

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December 31, 2005
HOUR ONE: What's to Come?; 2006 Trailer; New Year, New Country; Old World, New Kitchen: Lebanese; Jazz Music: Deerhoof; Looking at Redemption; Weekend Weather; Reflections on Motherhood
HOUR TWO: Home Sweet Home; New Year Laws; Rose Parade; Forgive Me; Pop Music: Lee Ann Womack; Consulting the Stars; Decorate Your Life; Weekend Weather; Winter Count

December 24, 2005
HOUR ONE: Miles from Home; Looking at Redemption; Turning a New Leaf; The Family Business; Independent Music: Neil Diamond; First Flight; Weekend Weather; A Farghalli Family Holiday
HOUR TWO: Tsunami Anniversary; Tsunami Audio Diary; Old World, New Kitchen: Chicken Relleno; The Frozen Chosen; Classical Music: Ulver; High Brow, Low Brow; Weekend Weather; A Merry Tuba Christmas

December 17, 2005
HOUR ONE: The Ringer; Disability in Films; The Tasting Heard Around the World; Point of View; Looking at Redemption; World Music: Either / Orchestra; Old World, New Kitchen: Tamales; Weekend Weather; Almost Ready-Made Christmas Crafts; A Gift Certificate Will Do
HOUR TWO: Iraqi Elections; Leaves of Grass; World Music: Thione Seck; Gifts on the Table; A Holiday Tradition; Weekend Weather; Baby It's Cold Outside

December 3, 2005
HOUR ONE: Defining Bribery; Bribery's Gray Area; Old World, New Kitchen: Persian Cuisine; A Poem Lovely as a Tree; Race, Cocaine and Corruption; Pop Music: Wilco; Weekend Weather; Remembering John Lennon
HOUR TWO: Deadly Reaction; The Chronicles of Lewis; Surrendering to Winter; Gays in the Priesthood; "Gaydar": Fact or Faction; Weekend Weather; Pop Music: Bobby Bare

November 26, 2005
HOUR ONE: Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue; Panda Diplomacy; How to Be Quarantined; Story Competition: Your Local Unsung Hero; Classical Music: Mangus Lindberg; Doc Olla-Wood; The Warriors; Weekend Weather; A Movement for Rosa
HOUR TWO: Witness to Atrocity; The Corner; A Grand Ole Birthday; A Weekend Reprieve; Classical Music: Dominic Frasca; Weekend Weather; The Ultimate Atticus

November 19, 2005
HOUR ONE: Take Your Pick; The Perfect Choice; Beyond the Mirror; Third Coast: The Oscars of Radio; Searching for Family; Independent Picks: Jens Lenkman; Weekend Weather; Story Competition: Your Local Unsung Hero; We Give Thanks Today
HOUR TWO: Operation Gratitude; Holidays Overseas; Virtual Economies; Independent Picks: Dirty Three; Surviving Cancer; Third Coast: The Oscars of Radio; Weekend Weather; A New Tradition

November 12, 2005
HOUR ONE: Church Probe; French Unrest; World Music: Roswell Rudd & MBB; Marathon Man; Salute to Veterans; Solomon Squad: Vaccination; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Trading Up
HOUR TWO: Latinos in the Military; D&D Bonding; World Music: Souad Massi; The New Urbanism; Building Biloxi; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Play That Funky Music Right Boy

November 5, 2005
HOUR ONE: One Soldier's Opinion; Phoning Home; Not in the Playbook; Jazz Music: Loren Stillman; Nowhere to Smoke; Elements of Style; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Finding Balance
HOUR TWO: My Name Is Angela Shelton; Man of a Thousand Voices; Podcast Picks; Patriots or Vigilantes; Jazz Music: Ben Monder; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; An Icon Gets His Due

October 29, 2005
HOUR ONE: Real-Life Shakespearian Tragedy; You Be the Judge; Debris Tracker; On the Climate Beat; Prime Beef; Frog; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Pop Music: Fiona Apple; Goodbye Harriet Miers
HOUR TWO: The Eternal Question; Scary Story Roundup; Pop Music: My Morning Jacket; Trick or Treat; Miller's Dream Wind Chimes ; Gautreaux Revisited; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Coffin Art

October 22, 2005
HOUR ONE: Tale of Two Teams; The Worst Call in History; Keeping Memories Alive; Classical Music: Evgeny Kissin; International Adoption; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Encyclopedia of New England
HOUR TWO: Weekend America under the Microscope; Let's Go; Lodging at the Cave Motel; Classical Music: Arvo Pärt; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Queen of Scream

October 15, 2005
HOUR ONE: Million Man March; Vetting Priests; Independent Music: The Bats; Good Night, and Good Luck; Trailers That Shine; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Gator Man
HOUR TWO: Pinter and the Nobel Prize; Everest Remeasured; Aron Ralston One Year Later; Fixed Gear Musician; Pandemic Potential; Chicken Lovers; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Listener Letters; Independent Music: Sigur Ros

October 8, 2005
HOUR ONE: It's a Man's World; Tell Me a Story; War Driving; World Music: Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle; Looking For Buster; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; The Power of Ten ; Tell Me Another Story
HOUR TWO: Robots, Start Your Engine; Baseball Diaries; Too Much Information; World Music: Dawn Upshaw; The View from Above; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Bagel, Bongos and Moogs

October 1, 2005
HOUR ONE: Doctor Atomic; My Dad's a Winner; Jazz Picks: Brad Mehldau Trio; The Prison Inside; Weekend Weather / Hometown Happenings; Sharing Bob Dylan
HOUR TWO: Murder in a Small Town; Death of a Hollywood Icon; Jazz Picks: Robert Glasper; Chain of Influence; Hometown Happenings ; Liftoff in Albuquerque

September 24, 2005
HOUR ONE: Watching the Hurricane; Your Own Reality Show; Austin City Limits Festival; MacArthur Winner; Inspired Learning; Hometown Happenings; High School Reunion
HOUR TWO: Staying Put; Surviving the Storm; Peace and War; Common Ground; The Audition; From Convent to Copy Editor; Hollywood and Christianity; Hometown Happenings; Tribal Journey, Part 2

September 17, 2005
HOUR ONE:The North Country; How Has Katrina Changed America?; Classical Pick: Placido Domingo; The Other Emmys; That's So Intense; Weekend Weather; The Cursed Sweater
HOUR TWO: Tracking the Evacuees; Springsteen 101; Why Not Just Call Me; Classical Music: Jordi Savall; Fuel for Thought; Weekend Weather; Tribal Journey

September 10, 2005
HOUR ONE: Comparing Notes; Art & Recovery; A Course in Common Sense; Pop Music: Ryan Adams; Freshman Rush; Weekend Weather; Still Rockin' After All These Years
HOUR TWO: All in the Family; Giving in Tough Times; Gulf Coast Sanctuary; Carrying on, Four Years Later; Inspiration for "Luxury Camping"; Pop Music: Laura Veirs; Weekend Weather; Enough Already; Hurricane Feedback

September 3, 2005
HOUR ONE: Home Away From Home; The New Terror Trackers; Something Doesn't Look Right; Listener Email; Another Side of Africa; Hurricane Evacuees in Houston; Independent Picks: Malcom Middleton; Return to Burning Man; Weekend Weather; Elegy for Nola
HOUR TWO: Doing Their Part in Olla; Reunion in Memphis; Ready for the Big Game; Houston Lends a Hand; Waiting for the Big One; World Music: Orenda Fink; Weekend Weather; Pickett's Picks

August 27, 2005
HOUR ONE: Meet Me at the Fair; Marketing the Military; A World Without Roe; World Music: Mariza; The New Face of Scouting; I Have a Suggestion; Weekend Weather; Pass the CD
HOUR TWO: Back to the Beginning; Fifty States, Fifty Days; Racing in the Family; When Sorry Isn't Enough; Weekend Weather; World Music: Seu Jorge

August 20, 2005
HOUR ONE: Hey Batta Batta...; Let's Talk About Sex; Classical Picks: Luciano Berio; Lost Mail; Fuel Myths; Weekend Weather; The Play's the Thing; You Say It's Your Birthday?
HOUR TWO: Face Time with the President; The Path to Love?; Classical Picks: The West Eastern Divan Orchestra; Do You Sudoku?; Remix This; Weekend Weather; A Dying Breed

August 13, 2005
HOUR ONE: Cult Status; Cult Status Continued: Colors of the Sun; Jazz Picks: Bill Frisell; Games People Play; 21st Century Farmer; Weekend Weather; The Kids of Widney High
HOUR TWO: Prophetic Words; Jazz Picks: Wynton Marsalis; A Man of Distinction; Sons of the Liberator; Hidden Message; Jazz Picks: Sonny Rollins; Weekend Weather; Low Power to the People

August 6, 2005
HOUR ONE: Hiroshima Revisited; Comanche Code Talker; I Think I Can; Pop Music: Judd & Maggie; Taking Back Our Streets; Weekend Weather; Pop Music: The New Pornographers; Man Clones Dog
HOUR TWO: Going on with Life; You Can Go Home Again; It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's an Ultra-light; It Has Its Ups and Downs; Pop Music: Cowboy Junkies; Weekend Weather; A Duet's Work in Progress

July 30, 2005
HOUR ONE: Facing the Music; Taking Over the World; World Music: Nortec Collective; China on My Mind; Weekend Weather; The Trouble with Echinacea; World Music: Amadou & Mariam
HOUR TWO: Suspicious Minds; Innocent Until Profiled; Modern Isolation; World Music: Konono No. 1; Parting Gifts; Strong Faith, Strong Men; March of the Penguins; Weekend Weather; Passing the Banjo

July 23, 2005
HOUR ONE: Climate of Fear; To Old To Serve; A Voice For Change; Independent Music Pick: Jamie Lidell; Political Dreamscape; Lucid Dreamer; Weekend Weather; The Right To Be Nude
HOUR TWO: Supreme Crystal Ball; A Test of Endurance; The Face of Terror; Remembering Papa John; Independent Music Pick: The Books; Weekend Weather; In Einstein's Shadow

July 16, 2005
HOUR ONE: Musical Chairs; Heatwave Remembered; Megachurch Coming Soon; Last Nun Standing; Classical Music: Leopold Stokowski ; Extra Sensory Goes Digital; Weekend Weather; An Earful of Disney
HOUR TWO: The Stem Cell Debate; Without a Net; Classical Music: Handel's Rodelinda; An Ode to Harry Potter; Speaking Up; Buried Alive; Weekend Weather; Classical Music: Fred; Rehnquist' Robes

July 9, 2005
HOUR ONE: Crisis Management; Presidential Connections; Willy Wonka Old and New; Archiving the Great American Songbook; Jazz Picks: In the Country; The Bicycle Coach
HOUR TWO: The Real Bionic Man; Protecting Sources; Car Theater; Jazz Picks: Ahmad Jamal; A Man of Many Voices; Taking a Dive; Weekend Weather; Jazz Picks: Me'shell Ndegéocello; Homesick for London

July 2, 2005
HOUR ONE: Live 8; Married to the Military; Pop Music: Ry Cooder; Independence Day, 2005; Pop Music: Sufjan Stevens; Weekend Weather; Tales of Independence
HOUR TWO: Tales of Independence; Stepping Down; It's a Free Country; Tales of Independence; Horror Story; He Aims to Thrill; Weekend Weather; Pop Music: 101ers; Happy Birthday, America

June 25, 2005
HOUR ONE: Is Sorry Ever Enough; Deep Impact; World Music: Fanfare Ciocarlia; Parents Say the Darndest Things; Chain of Influence; World Music: Emmanuel Jal; Weekend Weather; Drive-In Memories; Guerilla Theater
HOUR TWO: What is a human organism?; Website of the Week; A Nobel Experiment; When the Chips Are Down; Walk This Way; What Are You Afraid Of...; Primal Fears; From the Mouths of Babes; World Music: Kiran Ahluwalia

June 18, 2005
HOUR ONE: Long Lost Dad; The Right to Live; Raising My Parents; Fab Lab; Classical Music: Jean Phillipe Rameau; Weekend Weather; Nate's Vision
HOUR TWO: A Few Good Men; Opting Out; Driving Mr. Wouk; Classical Music: John Corigliano; Living in Limbo; Man of Steel; Classical Music: Susan Graham; My Father, the Coach

June 11, 2005
HOUR ONE: The Wheels of Justice; It's Not Over Till It's Over; Letters for June 11, 2005; The Long Mile; Fainting Spells; Independent Picks with Marc Wheat: Animal Collective; Weekend Weather; Born to Sing
HOUR TWO: Poster Child; Virus Detective; Indie Music with Marc Wheat: Electrelane; In Search of the Best BBQ; A Fashionable Life; An Open Letter to Penguins; Indie Music with Marc Wheat: SMOG; Fix'er Up Dad

June 4, 2005
HOUR ONE: Will the Real "Deep Throat" Please Stand Up?; Kansas City Here We Come; Jazz with Jason Koransky: Wayne Shorter; The 21st Century Groom; Small Town Justice; Too Much Pomp, Too Much Circumstance; Weekend Weather; Slab City
HOUR TWO: To Join or Not to Join?; A Passion Beyond Scale; Wilt's Big Night; Use-It-Again Roadshow; Jazz with Jason Koransky: Arturo O'Farrill; The World on a String; Jazz with Jason Koransky: Miguel Zenón

May 28, 2005
HOUR ONE: Game on at E3; The Music of Life; Pop Music with Alan Light: Maria Taylor; The Long Goodbye; Tales from the Crypt; Pop Music with Alan Light: Mercury Rev; Weekend Weather; Between a Rock and Hard Place
HOUR TWO: A Study in Moderation; Pop Music with Alan Light: Lucinda Williams; High Brow, Low Brow; Frozen Zoo Hello, Jolly... Well, Hello, Jolly...

May 21, 2005
HOUR ONE: Sacred Text; The Tunnel Singer; Hot Dogs and Buns, Together at Last; Imagination; Weekend Weather; World Music with Tom Pryor: Autorickshaw; Filibusters in Training
HOUR TWO: Undocumented Students; Chain of Influence; Nice Guys Finish First -- The Interrogator; What's the Word in Johannesburg; World Music with Tom Pryor: Aphrodesia; World Music with Tom Pryor: Luminescent Orchestrii; Airseum

May 14, 2005
HOUR ONE: Gay Marriage's Paper Anniversary; The Story of a Scream; Jazz Music with Jason Koransky - Part 1; Compassionate Cooking; Reviving Chinese Opera; Weekend Weather; Z Stands for Zinema
HOUR TWO: And Now We Interrupt This Program...; Tinsel Town Meets Motor City; Jazz Music with Jason Koransky - Part 2; A Court Martial Delayed; Outside Justice; Jazz Music with Jason Koransky - Part 3; The Middle Ages

May 7, 2005
HOUR ONE: Protecting Sources; Classical Music with Steve Smith - Part 1; Reflections on Motherhood; Weekend Weather; And, They're Off!; SCOTUS Short List: Part 2; Classical Music with Steve Smith - Part 2; Reflections on Motherhood
HOUR TWO: Real Life Survivor; The Return of Tiki; Prom Stylin' with Mr. Mickey; Reflections on Motherhood; Music Class, Life Lessons; Springtime, and Entertaining Is Easy; Classical Music with Steve Smith - Part 3; Reflections on Motherhood

April 30, 2005
HOUR ONE: Fight or Flight; World Music with Tom Pryor - Part 1; Big Man on Campus; Weekend Weather; Meet Me in Ho Chi Minh City; The Culture Filter Machine; The Last Dance
HOUR TWO: The Last Frontier; World Music with Tom Pryor - Part 2; Jellomold Casserole Surprise; The Return of the Hipster Poet; Divided Populations; World Music with Tom Pryor - Part 3; Cultural Memories

April 23, 2005
HOUR ONE: A Virtual Cure; It's Not Your Grandma's Manischevitz; Indie Picks with Mark Wheat - Part 1; A Moon with a View; Weekend Weather; The Revolution Will Not Be Televised; Indie Picks with Mark Wheat - Part 2; Poetry and Place: Susquehanna River
HOUR TWO: When Plants Invade; The Sultana Remembered; Happy 431st; Chain of Influence; Indie Picks with Mark Wheat - Part 3; Falcons Followed

April 16, 2005
HOUR ONE: Living with Pain; The Physiology of Pain; Weekend Weather; All in the Family; Jazz Picks with Jason Koransky - Part 1; Feeling Blue?; Star Gazing
HOUR TWO: Oklahoma City, A Decade Later; Tracking Hate; Walk/Don't Walk; Me and My Pedometer; Will Act for Drugs; Jazz Picks with Jason Koransky - Part 2; Missing Motive; Poetry and Prejudice; Jazz Picks with Jason Koransky - Part 3

April 9, 2005
HOUR ONE: The Need to Touch; Weekend Weather; Mr. and Mrs. H.R.H.; Supreme Short List; Life After the Iron Lung; Pop Music with Alan Light - Part 1; Coincidence in a Half-Nelson
HOUR TWO: Tour of Duty; Poetry Month; Pop Music with Alan Light - Part 2; Pulitzer Pick; Doing Time, Fighting Fires; Pop Music with Alan Light - Part 3; McFirst-Timers

April 2, 2005
HOUR ONE: Vatican Vigil; Shedding New Light; Weekend Weather; A Long and Winding Road; Not if, But When; Classical Music with Steve Smith - Part 1; I-Haul, U-Haul; Breakup Season
HOUR TWO: Vatican Vigil; Death with Dignity; Supreme Short List; Classical Music with Steve Smith - Part 2; Dear Bud Selig; Tivo Nation; Classical Music with Steve Smith - Part 3; Website of the Week: The Well; America's Favorite Snack

March 26, 2005
HOUR ONE: The Language of Life; Weekend Weather; Chicago's Garden of Eden; Running, Mud and Margaritas; Music Picks with Tom Pryor - Part 1; Chain of Influence; Easter in D.C.; Music Picks with Tom Pryor - Part 2;
HOUR TWO: Tragedy in Red Lake; School Shootings: A Victim Remembers; Music Picks with Tom Pryor - Part 3; Same Time Next Year; Over Achiever, Smelly Feet; Supreme Court Short List; Through My God's Eyes

March 19, 2005
HOUR ONE: From the War Zone to Back Home; Digitally Divided; Jazz Picks with Nate Chinen; Bypassed Town; Meditating Monk, Hidden Brainwave; Open. Dump. Stir.
HOUR TWO: A Matter of Life and Death; From Selma to Montgomery; Capture the Flag; It's No Joke; Copywriting Clothing Is Not in Fashion; Lupine Conspiracy; South by Los Super 7

March 12, 2005
HOUR ONE: Thousands of Soles; Music Picks with Alan Light; Ocean Views and Not So Natural Lighting; 9-Letter Word for Puzzle; Erasing Your Past; Weekend Weather; Curious About George?
HOUR TWO: Touching a Nerve; Conscience of America; Music Picks with Alan Light; If I Were a Tall Man...; Night Shift in the Pine Steet Van; Dry Wedding, Wet Reception

March 5, 2005
HOUR ONE: Hope on Hold; Open Letter to a Cubicle; Classical Picks with Steve Smith; Weekend Weather; The Moving Chronicles; Bringing Down the Tablets; 1,000 Pounds of Bacon; Making Contact
HOUR TWO: Morality Check; Running on Chi; The Taxman Cometh; Weekend Weather; Classical Music Picks with Steve Smith; Anchored Down in Anchorage; House Arrest Lab Rat

February 26, 2005
HOUR ONE: Change Is Eminent; Weekend Weather; Between a Rock and a Sculpture; Music Picks with Michael Raphael; To Boldly Go On...; Bridging the Divide; You Talk, We Listen
HOUR TWO: Growing Up Behind Bars; Baseball Fever; Lucha Libre Va-Voom; Stone Cold Love - Interview with Patricia Parber; And the Winner Is...

February 19, 2005
HOUR ONE: 21st Century Homestead Act; Kansas Land Rush; Weekend Weather; Stacks Behind Bars; Chain of Influence; Music Picks with Tom Pryor; Bubbie's Cookies
HOUR TWO: Nuclear Nostalgia; Downwinders; What Are Whickies?; Young Mayors; Website of the Week; Bookstore Update; Through My God's Eyes

February 12, 2005
HOUR ONE: Sgt. Benderman: Reporter's Notebook; Jazz Picks with Nate Chinen; Bob May, Arctic Angler; Weekend Weather; Letter's Lost, Love Found; Stage Fright Serum; Requiem for a Jingle; State of Confusion
HOUR TWO: It's Curtains for Central Park; The Doonans and Don'ts of Fashion; Arthur Miller Remembered; Jazz Picks with Nate Chinen; Hubble, Hubble, Toil and Trouble; Benderman Awaits Decision; Looking for Ms. Goodbar

February 5, 2005
HOUR ONE: Censors Punt Super Bowl Ad; The Game of Life; Tribute to Ossie Davis; "It's Phuc Tap"; Busker in the Big Easy; War Comes Home: 29 Palms; Music Picks with Alan Light; Columbus Masala
HOUR TWO: Conflict of Interest; Can You Hear Me Now; Finding Common Ground; Weekend Weather; Malcolm X Remembered; Roving in the Cold Chamber; In Search of Hot Pot

January 29, 2005
HOUR ONE: "Nine Parts of Desire"; Classical Music Picks; Nine Lives at Sundance; Weekend Weather; Philip Johnson, 20th Century Man; State of the Union, State of a Life; Password Poetry
HOUR TWO: Crime and Punishment; Ethics in Journalism; Website of the Week; Roots of Rastafari; Snowy Parking Revisited; Counter Culture: Rachel Lelchuck; Restaurant Undercover; Poetry and Place: New England Coast

January 22, 2005
HOUR ONE: Inside the Jury Box; Independent Music Picks; From our "Cold" series: Cool Jazz; Weekend Weather; Presidential Review; "Shelf Life": Painting the Past; Secrets from the Card Catalog; Winter Blues: E=MCSad
HOUR TWO: Auschwitz Remembered; What Are You Eating This Weekend?; Biosphere for Sale; Sundance Festival Live; Marcus Arnold, Legal Wunderkind; Sputnik Sonata; It's Not Easy Being Green

January 15, 2005
HOUR ONE: 3 Years, 2 People, 1 Sticker; Chain of Influence; Weekend Weather; Lone Star Bard; World Music Picks; Amersterdam Blues; Postcards from Home
HOUR TWO: Conscientious Objector; Telemarkathon; MLK Anti-War Sermon; The Best Gig Ever; Do We Really Need a Encore?; Bird Watching in OK

January 8, 2005
HOUR ONE: Flood of Money; When is Enough, Enough; Snow Rage; Jazz Music Picks; Gonzales Confirmation Hearings; Weekend Weather; Open Questions; Counter Culture
HOUR TWO: Saving Sergeant Benderman; The Sinking of the Reuben James; Tsunamis Hit Home; Cowboy Music; Organized Living; Baked to Perfection

January 1, 2005
HOUR ONE: To Stay or Go; Through My God's Eyes; Weekend Weather; Pop Picks; Live at the Rose Parade; 2004 in 12 Sentences; Reality TV; Countdown
HOUR TWO: Pictures of Disaster; Soldiers in Afghanistan; Moby Dick Marathon; Olive Oil Tasting; Moment in History; Bookstores

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