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How did your life collide with the headlines in 2007?
Iraq, the subprime crisis, Facebook, immigration, oil prices - 2007 had no shortage of hefty headlines. We'd like to hear about how these and other major news events of the past year affected you. Where did your life collide with the news in 2007?

What's your holiday performance story?
The office talent show, the neighborhood caroling posse, the school pageant ... At holiday time we often sing, dance, and dress as shepherds. Did you bloom in the warmth of your audience's adulation, or freeze up like the snowman you'd rather be building? Did your holiday performance change your life or that of someone close to you?

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December 25, 2004
HOUR ONE: Christmas Patrol in Baghdad; Mayoral Wish - Part 1; Ukrainian Election Update; Classical Music Picks; Mayoral Wish - Part 2; Weekend Weather; Santa Sleuth; Working on Christmas; Inquiring Minds; Scientology Pageant
HOUR TWO: Christmas Coda; Painless America; Working on Christmas - Part 2; "Shelf Life" Series; Endless Winter; Jewsmas; Mayoral Wish - Part 2

December 18, 2004
HOUR ONE: Miraculous Cord Blood; Forgotten Christmas Songs; New Year's Philosopher; King's College Choir; Weekend in Iraq; Independent Music Picks; Last Call for the Nanny Express
HOUR TWO: Never Give Up; Chain of Influence; Counter Culture; A Christmas Story; Catalina Buffalo Hit the Road; Yuletide Crustacean

December 11, 2004
HOUR ONE: Journalist in Jail; History on Trial; Hannukah Memories; Church Campout; Control-Alt-Deleted; Cold; Music Picks with Tom Pryor; Secret Santa
HOUR TWO: Waiting to Breathe; Christmas Negotiations; Holiday Tips; Vanishing Bookshelves; DVD Picks; Slide Show into the Past

December 4, 2004
HOUR ONE: Ukrainian Election; Acceptance Ads Unacceptable; Landscape Artist on the Road; Music Picks with Chinen; DTH Reopens; The Pursuit of Happiness; Christmas Letter; A Capital Team; Music Request of the Week
HOUR TWO: Church and State; Reading: "Crisis"; Kabbalah Explained; Bumper Message for the Unsure; Exchange of the Week; Tribute to Daniel Johnston; Sunday Blues

November 27, 2004
HOUR ONE: Impressions from Birchwood; Conversation Advice; In the Kitchen with Carol Cotner Thompson; Music Picks with Alan Light; Open Letter to a Dissertation; Window Warfare
HOUR TWO: Run-Off; A Close Call in Washington; Words from the Pulpit; On the Skids; "A Life Shaken"; Off the Shelf

November 20, 2004
HOUR ONE: Complete Sentences; Billy's Swan Song; Paradise Found; Watching Westerns with Indians; Liberal Ode; Thanksgiving Letters; Library Shelves
HOUR TWO: Run-Off; Voices from MOMA; Pardon Me; Police Academy; Classical Picks with Steve Smith; Thank You Reunion

November 13, 2004
HOUR ONE: Back-Door Draft; Gonzales Appointment; Rita Dove on the Dance Floor; World Music Picks; What Would Darwin Say; The Spin Doctor
HOUR TWO: After Arafat; Clinton Comes Home; America Reads?; Neighborhood Watch; Trojan Pride; Soccer Moms?; With This Ring...; Cutting Grass, Burning Gas

November 6, 2004
HOUR ONE: Edgar Springs, Missouri; Heard but Not Seen; Letters from Veterans; Leaving Us Behind; This European Life; Breaking the Fast; Reaching Out in San Jose
HOUR TWO: American Greatness; Jazz Picks with Nate Chinen; Edgar Springs Diner; Red State Fashion; An Apple a Day

October 30, 2004
HOUR ONE: Election Angst; Voting in Valentine; Marfa Lights; Posthumous Picks; Slumber Party in Duluth; The Curse is Broken; Want to Hear Something Really Scary?; Back to Miami
HOUR TWO: Election Chaos; The Mystery of Ballot Box 13; Scary Stories; Radio Revolt; Listening to Jamie; Secret Rachmaninov; Letters to the President; Edgar Springs

October 23, 2004
HOUR ONE: Must See TV; Sterngold on Sinclair; Baseball in Verse; Clowns Without Borders; The Hills Are Alive; Treasure in a Cornfield; Pick of the Week; Election Series, Part 5
HOUR TWO: Live in St. Louis; Meeting a Legend; Mind Games; Family Secrets; Black Tuesday; R&B Picks with Kristi Lomax; Election Series, Part 6

October 16, 2004
HOUR ONE: Interview with Leon Panetta; Quemoy and Matsu; Sideways: In Conversation with Actor Paul Giamatti; Shrooming; Pop Music Picks with Patty Schmidt; Essay-on-Demand; Election Series, Part 3; Music Request of the Week
HOUR TWO: Faith and Public Life; 9/11 Report; Bernstein on the Radio; Precious Art; RFID; The Winter Flip Flop; Election Series, Part 4

October 9, 2004
HOUR ONE: The Morning After; Under the Weather; Remembering Robert Kennedy; Weekend America Collage; Listener Letters; Political Documentaries; Carnival Secrets; American Values, Part 1
HOUR TWO: Hearing Voices; Classical Music Picks; In the Shadow of a Volcano; Live Chat with Sports Writer Gary Smith; Weekend America Collage; American Values, Part 2

October 2, 2004
HOUR ONE: Words of War; Teaching Peace; Scoring the Debate; World Music Picks with Tom Pryor; In Search of BBQ; New Age Film Phenom; Live Chat with William Arntz; School Vouchers
HOUR TWO: Political Dreams; Music Profile: Sally Timms; Live from Mt. St. Helens; Barber, Bookseller, Genius; Music Request of the Week; Graphic Novel Picks

September 25, 2004
HOUR ONE: A 9/11 Widow Speaks; Warhol Museum Exhibition; Truth or Consequences; Weekend Weather; Dad, the Photographer; Underlined Passages; Music Request of the Week: "Moon River"; Jamming Etiquette
HOUR TWO: Conversation with David Javerbaum; Commentary: How Reporting has Changed; Jazz Picks with Nate Chinen; Live at the National Museum of the American Indian; Live Chat with Arnie Arnesen; Life in the Panhandle

September 18, 2004
HOUR ONE: The State of Iraq; If America Was Iraq; Memorial for Iraqi Civilians; Weekend Weather; Interview with Nick Flynn; Listening Post: Up All Night; Music Picks with Jason Fine; Paralympics; Off the Shelf
HOUR TWO: 9/11 Recovering from Ivan; Native American Sculptures; Gumbo!; Live Chat with Lauren Weedman; Interview with Allison Silverman; The President and the Economy

September 11, 2004
HOUR ONE: Iraq War Memorials; An Injured Soldier; Live Chat with Ruben Martinez; Weekend Weather; The Crossing Guard; Commentary: "Gringo Reservations"; Reading: "Tea"; Basinski's 9/11 Loops
HOUR TWO: 9/11 Commemoration; 9/11 Kids Montage; 9/11 Syllabus; R&B Music Picks; Fashionista; Featured Song: Snow Falls in November; John Moe's Memo; Live Chat with T.C. Boyle; Featured Song: Quartet for the End of Time

September 4, 2004
HOUR ONE: Ownership Society; Mo Rocca on the Conventions; Live Chat with Victor Matus; Weekend Weather; World Music Picks; Ode to Summer: Poet Barton Sutter; Vanity Fair
HOUR TWO: Raising My Parents; The Latin Grammys; So Long, Fay Jones; The GOP Convention from Afar; Live Chat with Bill Banfield; Lewis and Clark; Ode to Summer: Hostel Director

August 28, 2004
HOUR ONE: Heckling the President; Heckling Dylan; Convention Flashback; Weekend Weather; Olympics Update; The Real Price of Chicken; Sports and Mirror Neurons; "Rivalry"; Listener Letters and the Magic Bed
HOUR TWO: Reliving the Bully; Live Chat with Author and Screenwriter David Benioff; Scoring the Olympics; Jazz Picks; Rosenstrasse

August 21, 2004
HOUR ONE: Santa Cruz Home Buyer; Santa Cruz Home Owner; Interview with PJ Harvey; Radio Camp; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather; Uncovering Ken Kesey; Olympic Pollster
HOUR TWO: Florida DJ; Staring Up with Google; Poking around the Olympics; Classical Music Picks; On the Trail of Lewis & Clark; Hip Hop Literature / Hip Hop Reaction

August 14, 2004
HOUR ONE: The Olympics: The 20th Century Olympic Movement and Poking around the Olympics; Car Racing School; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Naked Installation; Campaign Leftovers; Ora Anderson; Jazz Festival in Newport
HOUR TWO: Julia Child; Listening Post: Greek radio stations; Voter Registration; Live Event: Jazz Festival in Newport; "Loaded Dice" in Vegas; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Greek Music Picks

August 7, 2004
HOUR ONE: Underground Railroad; Gulf of Tonkin; Her Long Black Hair; Radio Essay on Demand; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: Gay Marriage; Jazz Picks with "Jazz Times" columnist Nate Chinen; Open Letter to the Elephant in the IKEA-Furnished Room; Radio Essay on Demand #2; Summer Jobs - at the Car Wash
HOUR TWO: Bush, Steel and the Economy; Terror Alert; Casta Paintings; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Modern-Day Thoreau; Quantifiable Mood Music; Race for Enlightenment

July 31, 2004
HOUR ONE: Catching Up After the DNC; Remembering Sudan; Fat!So?; The Cruise Crew; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather... Holy Hondas, etc; The Science of Fat; Fat Underground; Women's Music
HOUR TWO: The Bounce; Two DNC Reporters Take a Deep Breath; Fun with Fat; A Slice of Drama; Music Picks; Live Event at Coney Island: Sword Swallower; Medieval Times

July 24, 2004
HOUR ONE: Operation Desert Thirst; Watering Holes; Political Science; Water in Your Ears, Part 1; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; The Donkey and the Elephant Hold Hands; The Art of Glaciers and Pond Scum; Water in Your Ears, Part 2; Soul Salvation with Kristi Lomax
HOUR TWO: The 9-11 Commission Hits the Road; Open Letter to Women Who Work for Chain Bookstores; The Lance Dance; The Mind of An Endurance Athlete; Listening Post: Presidential Campaign Ads; In Search of the Perfect Sandwich; Sad Songs They Say; A Short History of Campaign Mistakes.

July 17, 2004
HOUR ONE: Lost in Translation; Spying on My Son; Simon Says; Philosopher's Corner; Summer Job Follies; Pop Goes the Culture; Fresh Old Sounds; Popcorn Chronicles: I, Robot; Live Event: Circus City Festival
HOUR TWO: Friends, Lost and Found; Vanishing Sounds; The Numbers Game; Listening Post: President George Bush and the NAACP; Deadly Art?; Bullies; Going Up?; Sailing Away

July 10, 2004
HOUR ONE: Chapter 11 at the Chapel; Finding God, Again; A Short Story; Essay on Demand; High-Speed Religion, Part 1; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: Police Brutality; Brave New Music; High-Speed Religion, Part 2; Richard Paul: The Veep; High-Speed Religion, Part 3
HOUR TWO: Looking for God in All the Wrong Places; The Rabbi's Couch; High-Speed Religion, Part 4; TV Nation; The N-Word; The Secret Life of Vice Presidents; I Write the Songs

July 3, 2004
HOUR ONE: Immigrant Story: Fatma Alzerj; Immigrant Story: Mahamoud Mohamed; Radio on the Web; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: The Patriot Act; Bite, Chew, Swallow, Repeat; It Could Have Happened; A Tribute to Marlon Brando; Live Event: Smithsonian Folklife Festival
HOUR TWO: Immigrant Story: Suzana Gusa; Immigrant Story: Ruben Martinez; Music Picks with Jason Fine; 30 Years on a Prairie Home Companion; The Pursuit of Happiness; Happiness Is a Warm Puppy; Live Event: Smithsonian Folklife Festival

June 26, 2004
HOUR ONE: Political Polarization; A Uniter, Not a Divider; Soul Salvation; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: Kid-Friendly Cities; Public Conversations: Abortion; On the Trail of Lewis & Clark; In Search of the Perfect Food: Key Lime Pie
HOUR TWO: Grant Writer; Fine-Tuning U.S./Cuba Policy; Penguin Letters; Hungry March Band; Iraq and the Handover; Betting on Politics; Use It Again Road Show

June 19, 2004
HOUR ONE: Extreme Sports with David Browne; Cup Stacking; Mars Zealots in Hanksville, Utah; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: The National Hip Hop Political Convention; Top-Level Communication Breakdown; The Hospice Experiment; Ray Charles Memorial; The Section Quartet
HOUR TWO: War Photographer Cheryl Hatch; Interview with Journalist James Sterngold; Remembering Fathers on Father's Day; Seventh Annual Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race; Extreme Clickingl; Off Road on One Wheel; Adults Rediscover Kickball; Live Event: Laurelhurst Garage Sale; World Music Tour with Betto Arcos

June 12, 2004
HOUR ONE: Ready Made; Sustainable Design: An Interview with William McDonough; Movie Review: Stepford Wives; The Editing and Movie-Making Process: Interview with John Ridley; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: Healthcare, Drugs Across the Border; Whip Worm Cocktail; Palm Springs Extravaganza; Aids Ride Diary; Tribute to Ray Charles
HOUR TWO: Civic Engagement; Sylvia the Registrar - 45,500 and Still Going; Commemorating Ronald Reagan Around the Country; Ronald Reagan Movies; International Travel with Don George; Green Building Tour; Commentary: Paonia, Colorado; Chicago's City Farm; Contributor Hank Rosenfeld goes to Yes concert, interviews band members

June 5, 2004
HOUR ONE: Generation Gap: Our Defining Moments; Boomer Generation; Lying to Parents - You Know It's True; What Is a "Traditional" Wedding?; The 21st Century Groom; Skerker the Soothsayer of Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: To Smoke or Not to Smoke; Europe Smoking Ban; Music Picks, June 2004; A Very Gifted Athlete; Live Event: Theatre in the Small
HOUR TWO: D-Day: Looking Back; Whatever Happend To? Corporate Scandals; Commentary: Club Fed for Dummies; Trademark Sounds; Commentary: Some Motorcycles Are More Equal Than Others; Conflict Resolution; Broadway Tony's; Meet the MACY's Contest Winner; Music Profile: The Peppercorns

May 29, 2004
HOUR ONE: Virtual Border, Hi Tech Identification; Bounty Hunters; Listening Post: Is There Fear in the Air?; Enduring Freedom: Veterans from the Tribe; In Flander's Field; Weekend Weather...; Movie Review: The Day After Tomorrow; Is There Ever Enough Money? Never in Politics...; Live Event: The Red River Rally; Musical Profile: Emeline Michel

May 22, 2004
HOUR ONE: Natural Diversity, Gender University; Of Mice, Men and Chromosomes; High Octane Java?; Hearing Voices; Weekend Weather...; Listening Post: Is the Bay State Now the Gay State?; Citizen Soldiers; Linda's Gift; and Live Event: Orlando Fringe Festival

May 15, 2004
HOUR ONE: The Undeniable Power of Image; Too Close to Home, Too Close for Comfort; "Candi Staton, Where Have You Been?"; Listening Post: Schools Minus Segregation; Live Event: The Persian Puppeteer; Weekend Weather...; "Troy" (Why Bigger Isn't Always Better!); E-Voting -- Is This a Hackers Dream?; A Manhattan Soundscape, in a New York Minute; and A Couple of Guys Named Lewis & Clark

May 8, 2004
HOUR ONE: Abuse, Repercussion, and Revenge; "We Want Restitution"; Of Poets and Peace...; Wedding Day Woes - A Bug's Life; Cannes: The REAL Oscars; "How's the Weather"; The Politics of Iraq; "Take Me Home, Country Roads"; Mother's Day Advice; and Musical Sludge

May 1, 2004
HOUR ONE: Kentucky Derby Reflections; Horse Sex (commentary); Election Lies; Cinco de Mayo; Ride Along with the Art Theft Guy; Google Goes Public!; and Live Event: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

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