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How did your life collide with the headlines in 2007?
Iraq, the subprime crisis, Facebook, immigration, oil prices - 2007 had no shortage of hefty headlines. We'd like to hear about how these and other major news events of the past year affected you. Where did your life collide with the news in 2007?

What's your holiday performance story?
The office talent show, the neighborhood caroling posse, the school pageant ... At holiday time we often sing, dance, and dress as shepherds. Did you bloom in the warmth of your audience's adulation, or freeze up like the snowman you'd rather be building? Did your holiday performance change your life or that of someone close to you?

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Broadcast Information for September 25, 2004
Music Bridge: Start From Scratch
Artist: Galactic
CD: Crazyhorse Mongoose (Capricorn)

A 9/11 Widow Speaks
As news came about the beheadings of more American hostages, people scoured the web for sites with video footage. One such site is Liberty Unites, created to pay tribute to victims of terrorism. 9/11 widow Dorothy Bogdan, VP of Liberty Unites, tells Barbara why the videos should be seen.

Online resource:
Liberty Unites

Related stories
"Website shows second beheading"

Warhol Museum
Warhol Museum Exhibition
Before the recent beheadings, other gruesome images came out of Iraq. Photos of detainees in Abu Ghraib prison are currently on display at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Barbara Bogaev talks with museum director, Thomas Sokolowski.

Online resource:
The Warhol Museum

Music Bridge: Parallel Action
Artist: Arve Henrikson
CD: Chiaroscuro (Rune Grammofon)
Truth or Consequences
What's in a name? Over 50 years ago the little town of Hot Springs, New Mexico, became Truth or Consequences, when townsfolk responded to a game show's publicity stunt and voted overwhelmingly to change the name. Adam Burke reports on how the town is faring today.
Music Bridge: Bustelo
Artist: Ratatat
CD: Self Titled (XL)
Listener Letters
Last week we talked about the questionable documents that CBS used in its report about President Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard -- and we asked you to let us know whether you found the story as interesting as journalists seem to find it. Also, Sue Nikas of San Dimas, Calif., sends a song about Vice President Dick Cheney and Haliburton.

Hurricane Jeanne
Weekend Weather
Weekend America's survey of events, celebrations, unplanned gatherings and -- of course -- weekend weather.

Weather reports:
From hour 1

More about Hurricane Jeanne at CNN.com:
Hurricane Season 2004

Music Bridge: Day Another Day (Live)
Artist: Jaga Jazzist
CD: Day (Smalltown Supersound)

Photos by
Forrest Rader Gallery
Dad, the Photographer
Usually parents foster their children's dreams. When a son discovers a hidden cache of his father's photos, he sees his talented dad in a new light and the roles are suddenly reversed. RG Rader uncovers dad, the photographer.
Music Bridge: Winters Love
Artist: Animal Collective
CD: Sung Tongs (Fat Cat)
Underlined Passages
Writer J. Robert Lennon reads a story about the power of books.

Online resource:
Other works by J. Robert Lennon are available at the Public Radio Book Source.

Music Request of the Week
"Moon River" - Selected by Jim Lehrer, host of "The News Hour" on PBS, and moderator of the 2004 Presidential Debates.

Catherine Girardeau
Jamming Etiquette
Can a classically trained violinist improvise with bluegrass musicians? As Catherine Girardeau found out, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Other stories by Catherine Girardeau:
Linda's Gift"

Featured in Hour Two
Conversation with David Javerbaum
Matt Algeo talks to David Javerbaum, the Emmy award-winning head writer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Javerbaum co-wrote and edited the new book "America: A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction."

Online resource:
The Daily Show, on Comedy Central

Jim Sterngold
Commentary: How Reporting has Changed
Journalism isn't what it used to be. Weekend America correspondent and veteran journalist Jim Sterngold comments on how reporting has changed, since Woodward and Bernstein broke the story of a lifetime over 30 years ago.
Music Bridge: Printemps
Artist: Kiln
CD: Ampday (Thalassa)

Gonzalo Rubalcaba
Charlie Haden
Jazz Picks with Nate Chinen
Writer for Jazz Times, Nate Chinen highlights two new CDs with different approaches to Latin jazz. Both showcase the considerable talents of Cuban arranger and pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba.

Nate's set list:
Prelude in Conga and Homage to Hilario - Gonzalo Rubalcaba from the album, Paseo (Blue Note Records)
Fuiste Tu (It Was You) - Charlie Haden from the album, Land of the Sun (Verve)

Live at the National Museum of the American Indian
Fifteen years in the making, the National Museum of the American Indian opened this week with much fanfare and critical acclaim. We sent reporter Jeff Young to get the real scoop from visitors on opening weekend.

Online resource:
National Museum of the American Indian

Music Bridge: Brooklyn
Artist: Lanterna
CD: Highways (Badman)
Live Chat with Arnie Arnesen
Arnie Arnesen has run for public office and lived to tell about it. The talk show host and former politician joins us live from New Hampshire with lessons from the campaign trail and a look back at a debate with her Republican nemesis, Stephen Merrill.

Online resource:

Music Bridge: Nude on the Moon
Artist: Tipsy
CD: Trip Tease (Asphodel)

Life in the Panhandle
In this week's Listening Post, we talk with DJ Jo-Jo Baker and morning talk show host Richard Ryther about life in the Panhandles, those narrow strips of land jutting out from Idaho and Oklahoma.
Music Bridge: Rainbow Dancing
Artist: Steffan Basho-Jungens
CD: Rivers and Bridges (Strange Attractors Audio House)

Featured Song: "Her"
From time to time we like to bring you new music. This week, we have music from songwriter Richard Buckner who writes country-tinged songs about love, hope and redemption. His new album Dents and Shells is his sixth -- check out this song called "Her."

Online resource:
You can pre-order Dents and Shells at the Public Radio MusicSource.

Music Bridge: Rainbow Dancing
Artist: Steffan Basho-Jungens
CD: Rivers and Bridges (Strange Attractors Audio House)
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As Mentioned on Weekend America
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Weekend Weather

From the July 5 broadcast

As Mentioned on Weekend America
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