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How did your life collide with the headlines in 2007?
Iraq, the subprime crisis, Facebook, immigration, oil prices - 2007 had no shortage of hefty headlines. We'd like to hear about how these and other major news events of the past year affected you. Where did your life collide with the news in 2007?

What's your holiday performance story?
The office talent show, the neighborhood caroling posse, the school pageant ... At holiday time we often sing, dance, and dress as shepherds. Did you bloom in the warmth of your audience's adulation, or freeze up like the snowman you'd rather be building? Did your holiday performance change your life or that of someone close to you?

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December 30, 2006
HOUR ONE: Shall We Dance, That Time of Year?, Appliance Toss, New Year-New Life, Bowl Fever, Babies and Weddings
HOUR TWO: 29 Palms, Still Clinging to Clutter, Remembering Song and Memory, Life with Pablo, Revisiting the End

December 23, 2006
HOUR ONE: Away for the Holidays, Culture Clash, The Baby Jesus Chronicles, Santas Helpers, Six-Word Memoir, Weekend Weather, Holiday Loss
HOUR TWO: Uncle Sam Wants You, Holidays Behind Bars, Good News Bad News, 365 Plays in 365 Days, Christmas with an Atheist, Open Letter, Weekend Weather, Narcoleptic Christmas

December 16, 2006
HOUR ONE: Food Fears, Sleepover!, Gleason's Gyn, Panhandlers, Keep the Lights On
HOUR TWO: Adult Autism, Good News - Bad News, Gifted Cow, 11-O'clock Number, Hannukah Decorations, Iraqi Dates

December 9, 2006
HOUR ONE: The Study Group, On the Dock, Is SPAM Pudding?, Itinerant Filmmaker, Open Letters, Shopping Blind
HOUR TWO: Owens Valley, Weather Recovery, Good News/Bad News, The Yellow Wiggle, Memoirs of the Elderly, Command Performance, Kids on the Rock

December 2, 2006
HOUR ONE: Protest Delayed, Sacrifice, Let's Talk About Sex, Tournament of Noises, War of Words, De-Coded, Command Performance
HOUR TWO: Refusing the Call, Apocalypse Now, Gross Clinic, Obsessive Consumption, Good News, Bad News, No News, Imagining Mourning

November 25, 2006
HOUR ONE: Politics Over Turkey, Moving to Wyoming for Work, Pop Pick, Dying Books, Open Letter to Lifetime, Song & Memory
HOUR TWO: Military Reunion, RFK, The Junk King, 365 Plays Update, Bayou Classic, Fight Song, The Hugging Saint

November 18, 2006
HOUR ONE: On the Hill, Jesus Camp, Classical Pick, National Adoption Day, Weekend Weather, Guided by Voices
HOUR TWO: Mexican Mom, National Guard, Virginia Trees, Think Different, Burrito or Sandwich?, Biblical Cooking, Weekend Weather, Parking Meters of Hope

November 11, 2006
HOUR ONE: Protest in a Military Town, the Loyal Opposition, Listen in the Fields, Knitting Vet, Fly Like an Eagle, At Sea, Boston Bhangra
HOUR TWO: The Moving Wall, Switching Sides, Lions in the Field, Indie Pick, A Play a Day, Lice! Letters!, New Year's Show Help

November 4, 2006
HOUR ONE: Wartime Election, Red State - Blue State, Music pick, Lice, Voting Place
HOUR TWO: Non Voters, Interpreter of Maladies, Music Pick, Last Swim, Autumn Leaves, Observatory, Pies & Propositions

October 28, 2006
HOUR ONE: War Reporter, War Games, Literary Friendship, BASE Jumping Death, The Truth About Dracula, City of the Dead
HOUR TWO: Junior High Voting, Election Issues, Surviving, Jazz Pick, Dog Tag Reunion, A Showman's Rest

October 21, 2006
HOUR ONE: South Dakota Choice, Clutter, Base Jumping, Detroit Fan, The Original Man on the Street, Weekend Weather, The Daniel Variations
HOUR TWO: Hawaii Earthquake, Iron Nun, American Soldier, Kentuck, Mormon Dems, Weekend Weather, Song & Memory

October 14, 2006
HOUR ONE: Electioneering, Alaskan Oil, Capote's Stuff, Indie Music Pick, Early Frost, Mind Games, Weekend Weather, Cold Diving
HOUR TWO: Immigration Population, Afghan Education, Indie Music Pick, Mirimar Air Show, Remembering How to Play, Phobias

October 7, 2006
HOUR ONE: School Shooting, Cause and Effect, Who Discovered America?, Classical Music Pick, Lucky Strike, Textism, Bats on a Bridge
HOUR TWO: Pass Pride, Good News, Bad News, No News, Classical Music Pick, Music for a Marathon Man, Poker Run Poker Run

September 30, 2006
HOUR ONE: Cleaning Up Skid Row, The Fire Watcher, Pop Music Pick, Friday Night High School Lights, Luxury Car Share
HOUR TWO: Heavenly Journey, Ashes to Ashes, Trans Fat Free, Swan Song, Underage Drinking, What the Fluff?

September 23, 2006
HOUR ONE: Coming Home, My Blue Heaven, Jazz Music Pick, Leaf Peepers, Turning Leaves, Serious Leisure
HOUR TWO: Westward Expansion, the Art of the Mix, Sexual Assault on Campus, Rosh Hashanah Camp

September 16, 2006
HOUR ONE: PTSD History, Occupation, Classical Music Pick: Marc Mellits, Philly Whitehouse, Rhubarb the Reindeer
HOUR TWO: Parental Contract, Not So Lonely, Electric Avenue, Austin City Limits, Cell

September 9, 2006
HOUR ONE: Arab in America, Asma Hassan, Good News / Bad News, World Music Pick, Doctor Artist, Letters, Weekend Weather, Barge Music
HOUR TWO: Flight 93 Name, Hallowed Ground, Navajo Nation, World Music Pick, Rocky Lives, Hahvahd Tour, Weekend Weather, My Life

September 2, 2006
HOUR ONE: Labor Day Weekend in Los Angeles, The Smithsonian in Under an Hour, Pop Music Pick: Bob Dylan, Flight School, Weekend Weather, Shakuhachi
HOUR TWO: Labor Day Weekend in Peoria, Air Traffic Control, Maiden Voyage, Part 5, Life in Normal Without a Car, Calling All Frogs, Weekend Weather, Church of Brunch

August 26, 2006
HOUR ONE: Life After the Flood, The Future is Now, Indie Music Pick, A History of Noise, Weekend Weather, Piano Tuners
HOUR TWO: Back to School, Teaching in the Bush, Car Horn Personality, Indie Music Pick, Sewing New Orleans, A Disaster of the Mind, Weekend Weather, The End of the Road Trip, Subway Special

August 19, 2006
HOUR ONE: Fear of Flying, Chowing Down at the Fair, Jazz PIck, Sibling Reunion, Weekend Weather, The Sound of Music
HOUR TWO: Creative Education, Over the Rainbow, Snakes on the Phone, Solomon Squad, Weekend Weather, Clowning Around

August 12, 2006
HOUR ONE: Working in Air, Lincoln Highway, Classical Music Pick, the PC at 25, Loving Your Computer, Weekend Weather, Harry and the Potters
HOUR TWO: Peak Oil. Whale Oil, High Brow Low Brow, Elvis Obsession, Buggin Out, A Weed Grows in Brooklyn, Weekend Weather, Song and Memory

August 5, 2006
HOUR ONE: Remember the Cold, The Devil's Highway, Artist as Witness, World Music Pick, The Hobo King, Riding the Rails, Weekend Weather, Rasshan Roland Kirk
HOUR TWO: Students for a Democratic Society, Revolover, World Music Pick, Time Out Beirut, Weekend Weather, Bat Gates

July 29, 2006
HOUR ONE: No Reservations, From Haifa to Boston, On the Road, Indie Music Pick, Sobriety without God, Weekend Weather, Music to Drive to
HOUR TWO: Kansas Intelligence, Classroom Evolution, Parallel Lives, Alpen Horn, Barbie Makover Madness, Riding Dirty?, Weekend Weather, Showboat Theater

July 22, 2006
HOUR ONE: Firefighter Liability, Burned Artifacts, 3-D in the Movie House, Maiden Voyage, Part 3, Meet the Pawnbrokers, Weekend Weather, Weekends with the Boys
HOUR TWO: 40 Years of NOW, Leaving a Dream Job, Indie Music Pick: The New York Dolls, Solomon Squad, Weekend Weather, Surfing in NYC?

July 15, 2006
HOUR ONE: Friends Through the Fire, Artificial Intelligence, The Lovell Sisters, Gay Games, Zidane's Head Butt, Weekend Weather, High Brow Low Brow
HOUR TWO: Soulfood?, Mushrooms for Health, Jazz Pick, Outer Space Tools, Sleep Experiment, Weekend Weather, Road Trip Part 2

July 8, 2006
HOUR ONE: Darfur Mitzvah, A Refugee's Advice, Training Your Spouse, Classical Music Pick, Mental Health Courts, Defending the Mentally Ill, Weekend Weather, Death's Gift Shop
HOUR TWO: A Polar Bear of a Trip, Artist as Witness, Outhouses for Energy, Pirate Popularity, Pirate Advice, Weekend Weather, Song and Memory

July 1, 2006
HOUR ONE: NASA Super Fan, The Birds, Road Trip, Indie Music Pick, Fireworks, Backyard Ballistics, Weekend Weather, A Superman for All Nations
HOUR TWO: MySpace Goes to Camp, Juggling for Speech, Maiden Voyage Part 3, A Movie that Changes Minds, Weekend Weather, City of Presidents

June 24, 2006
HOUR ONE: A Soldier's Worst Nightmare, A Song for the Troops, Stop Tripping, World Music Pick, Solomon Squad, Weekend Weather, The Meaning of "I Do"
HOUR TWO: Summer Vacation, Sort Of, A Caregiver's Struggle, Not Khan, Artist as Witness, Weekend Weather, Boogie's Camp

June 17, 2006
HOUR ONE: Guatemalan Adoption, High Brow - Low Brow, Pop Music Pick: Regina Spektor, Far Away Prisons, Texas POWs, Weekend Weather, Dad's a Cheater,
HOUR TWO: School Exit Testing, Inventor Kids, Episcopal Bishop, Maiden Voyage, Futile Care Law, Ethics of Everest, Weekend Weather, Meet My Dad

June 10, 2006
HOUR ONE: Attention Deficit Disorder at 23, Artist as Witness, Jazz Music Pick, Excavating Outhouses, The Oxford Project, Weekend Weather, Itinerant Rabbi
HOUR TWO: No Kids - No Kidding, Enter the Fourth Dimension, Song and Memory, Back from Iraq, Weekend Weather, The Ryder Stakes

June 3, 2006
HOUR ONE: Bariatric Surgery, Youth and Steriods, Classical Music Pick: Jennifer Koh, Anne Lamott's Teenager, The Chaperone, Weekend Weather, Maiden Voayage
HOUR TWO: Fostering a Union, Get Skeptical, Glenn Kotche: Lone Drummer, Plane Love, Just Drive, Weekend Weather, Fighting Reunion

May 27, 2006
HOUR ONE: Memorial Day Traditions, Tough-Love Graduation, Summer Movie Pool, Indie Music Pick, By the Time I'm 25, Weekend Weather, NYC Downtown
HOUR TWO: Facing Disaster, Fort Hood Graduation, Indie Music Pick, Human Enhancement, Weekend Weather, Blue Boy Stamp

May 20, 2006
HOUR ONE: Workplace Wiretapping, Spy Shop, Fever of Unknown Origin, World Music Pick, Secret Codes, Pun Contest, Weekend Weather, Sweeney Todd
HOUR TWO: Voting New Orleans Style, The Wall, Heat Vision and Jack, The Jet Propulsion Lab, Weekend Weather, Everybody Dance Now

May 13, 2006
HOUR ONE: Medicare Deadlines, Procrastination Nation, Tattoo You, Nurse for a Day, Emotional Intelligence, Weekend Weather, Hi Brow, Low Brow, Boating Day Update
HOUR TWO: Ethanol Turns a Town Around, Casual Carpools, Mother's Day Muse, What Really Goes on at the Ports, Jazz Pick: John Ellis, Saying Goodbye to Gregg, Weekend Weather, Song and Memory

May 6, 2006
HOUR ONE: Cinco de Mayo, Immigration Demographics, PLOrk, Thereoke!, Moussaoui Sermon, Modern Funerals, Opening Day for Boats, Weekend Weather, A Prairie Home Companion Movie Extra
HOUR TWO: Marking Nuclear Waste, A World Without People, Inventors, Classical Music Pick, Solomon Squad, Weekend Weather, Ohio Players

April 29, 2006
HOUR ONE: New Orleans Jazz Fest, Katrina DVD, Soul for Sale, Maurice El-Medioni and Roberto Rodriguez, Call Centers, Weekend Weather, Marathon Woman
HOUR TWO: "United 93," Wax Cylinders, Gas Prices, Meeting Menashe, Professional Poets, Weekend Weather, Double Dutch

April 22, 2006
HOUR ONE: Weather Makers, A History of Granola, Prison Memories, Candi Staton, Bankruptcy Anniversary, One Red Paperclip, Weekend Weather, Safeway Cindy
HOUR TWO: Election in New Orleans, Kinky Friedman, Chernobyl Anniversary, Bunny Boom, The Insanity Defense, Weekend Weather, "The Threepenny Opera"

April 15, 2006
HOUR ONE: New Spin on Easter, Break Buster, The Story of PFC Sirko, Indie Pick: Quasi, Solomon Squad, Weekend Weather, Shakey Jake
HOUR TWO: Who is a Jew?, Catholic Dilemma, High Brow--Low Brow, Earthquake Ballet, One Town's Turnaround, Designing Safer Communities, Weekend Weather, Your Tax Dollars at Work, Tax Lessons for Parents

April 8, 2006
HOUR ONE: Immigrant City, Immigrant Trafficking, Memories of a Disaster, Jazz: Pat Martino, Beckoning Beckett, Weekend Weather, Swing Bridge Brothers
HOUR TWO: Mumps Mystery, Managing the Mumps, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, Jazz: Francesco Cafiso Quartet, Setting Boundaries in Cyberspace, Why MySpace?, Weekend Weather, The Story of John Prine

April 1, 2006
HOUR ONE: Going Green for God; Column One: Middle Class Dilemma; Classical Music: Juan Diego Flórez; "...This One's Just Right"; Pimp My Bed; Weekend Weather; Treating Veterans to Breakfast
HOUR TWO: Fight Club; The Need to Fight; Say WA? Kentucky Folk Artist; Classical Music: Rolando Villazón; Chain of Influence: Music Prodigy Isaac Akers; Weekend Weather; Go Climb a Tree

March 25, 2006
HOUR ONE: Should Your Baby Watch TV?; Not Your Average Surgeon General; Jazz Picks: Gianluca Petrella; Promoting Peace in Iraq; Surviving Re-entry; Weekend Weather; The Strasburg Railroad
HOUR TWO: Immigration Rights?; Emerging Pollutants; Jazz Picks: Thomas Stronen; America After Dark: How We Sleep; Weekend Weather; Airports and Ebay

March 18, 2006
HOUR ONE: Drugs for Medicine?; Dada on Display; Moment of Silence; World Music: Sayyed Darweesh; High Brow, Low Brow; Weekend Weather; A Charmed Life?
HOUR TWO: Three Years in Iraq; From Baghdad to New London; Sister Story; World Music: Cristina Branco; The Cinderella Shot; Real Life Zelig; Weekend Weather; Cartoon Controversy; Oh Say Can You Sing

March 11, 2006
HOUR ONE: Saying Goodbye; World Baseball Classic; Birth of the Scoreboard; Indie Picks: Centro-Matic; Wings of Love; Criticizing Critics; Weekend Weather; Song and Memory: "Harrigan"; I Do Weddings, Too
HOUR TWO: Counseling Amputees; New Strides in Artificial Limbs; Sunspots in a High-Tech World; The Grunion Run; Indie Picks: Tarkio; One Wife, Two Wife...; Weekend Weather; Punto Cubano

March 4, 2006
HOUR ONE: Politics and the Pulpit; The Virtual You; Zen Skiing; Never Won an Oscar; Pop Music: Neko Case; Weekend Weather; Reaching the Final Bar
HOUR TWO: Gambling Goes to College; A Note of Triumph; Pop Music: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Cafeteria Crusade; Good Eating Habits ; Weekend Weather; The Death of Disco; On the Town

February 25, 2006
HOUR ONE: Rediscovering Yourself; Turn to Twentynine Palms; Classical Music: Another Side of Sibelius; The Sounds of Katrina; Weekend Weather; A Stamp for Jack
HOUR TWO: Tea Time with a Twist; 6.5 Billion and Counting; Life as a Snowbird; Classical Music: High Brow Hee Haw?; Olympic Update; The Competitive Spirit; Weekend Weather; Tracking Down Darondo

February 18, 2006
HOUR ONE: Standing Out in a Crowd; Covering; Olympic Update; Meet Rose Fletcher; Pop Music: Chris Potter; Solomon Squad: Public vs. Private Schools Weekend Weather; A Moment in the Spotlight
HOUR TWO: Cartoons on Campus; Next Floor, Stratosphere; "...Secretly Fond of Each Other" Jazz Picks: Larry Goldings; Kids Who Cut; Weekend Weather; Music and Mardi Gras

February 11, 2006
HOUR ONE: Why Do They Hate Us?; The Evolution of Morality; Life Inside Enron; World Music: Los de Abajo; Song and Memory: "I'll Take Manhattan"; Man of Style; Weekend Weather; Exploding Memories; The Perfect Match
HOUR TWO: Olympics Update; Ice Sculpting; Breathing Easier with Music; Wolf Talk; Church Burning in America; World Music: Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club; Weekend Weather; The Invisible Dog

February 4, 2006
HOUR ONE: Oil Addicts; Police Pursuit; An Encore for Michael; Pop Music: Tortoise and Bonnie Prince Billy; Super Bowl Losers; Motor City Memories; Weekend Weather; Listener Letters; Saint Thurgood?
HOUR TWO: A Champion for New Orleans; Name That Planet; Moose on the Loose; Pop Music: Belle and Sebastian; The Sounds of Speed; Where's Winter?; Weekend Weather; Supermarket Impressions

January 28, 2006
HOUR ONE: Deployment at Twentynine Palms; Hamas, Palestine and Democracy; The Universal Constant; No Respect for Cross-Country; Lunar New Year; Happy Birthday Amadeus; Weekend Weather; Pop Music: Jenny Lewis
HOUR TWO: Guests of Honor; Born to Lose; Pop Music: Cat Power; Waste of Time; Winter Caretaker; Weekend Weather; Bring Your Own Voice

January 21, 2006
HOUR ONE: Jill Carroll Update; Looking back at the Iranian Hostage Crisis; Prison Book Club; World Music: Susheela Raman; Impermanence; Future Me; Weekend Weather; Truth is Stranger Than Satire; Farewell Wham-O
HOUR TWO: Love Jerry; My Computer, Myself; The Baraka Boys; World Music: Son de la Frontera; Life of a Lobbyist; Congressional Travel; Weekend Weather; Song and Memory

January 14, 2006
HOUR ONE: Heat or Eat; Heating Assistance; Family Counts; Classical Music: Tolstoy's Waltz; Solomon Squad Follow-Up; Taking a Pass on Over-the-Counter; Weekend Weather; Salute to the Armonica
HOUR TWO: Lying Memoirs; Bull#@*!% Buster; High-Art Music; "I Have a Dream;" Classical Music: Bela Bartok; Overcoming Family Trauma; Weekend Weather; Hmong Idol

January 7, 2006
HOUR ONE: Supporting Alito; Alito Ads; Tipping the Scales of Justice; Finding Bliss; Independent Music; Grizzly Man; In Hibernation; Weekend Weather; I Live In My Car
HOUR TWO: Hate Disorder; Coping with Katrina; Independent Music; Solomon Squad; Weekend Weather; High Heels and Hockey Sticks

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