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Weekend Soundtrack

Cleaning to an "Icy Blue Heart"

Bill Radke

Michael Raphael

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Bill Radke: What a great opening, meeting scene. It's like a Bogart movie.

Roxanne Cronin: Yeah, it is.

Who are these people, Roxanne?

I've always had this image of, you know, the gentleman being this work-with-his-hands kind of a guy, out in the elements, you know, iron worker, carpenter kind of guy. And she's, a little past her prime, but you know, obviously very beautiful woman. And he might not be very educated but he's very wise.

You want to tell me why "Icy Blue Heart" is the soundtrack to your weekend?

I put this CD in actually when I clean. And I know it doesn't sound like that's a rip-roaring kind of a weekend, but I'm a very busy person, and so when I do get the time to get in my apartment, be in my own space, un-pile the piles that have gathered up--I, you know, indulge in this song, and in the fantasy.

I get to think about, what would it be like if, having had love and lost love, if there was somebody that, you know, could sort of connect with me that way again.

Yeah. He can tell she's got trouble defrosting.


So you clean to this song?

I'm probably standing there with my eyes closed, swaying back and forth, with, you know, a dust mop in my hand. And I probably sing the entire song.

I'm curious about your future, Roxanne. What's it going to take for someone to outlast that cold front?

The man in this song, it's almost like he understands this woman's bitterness, or her heartbreak, or whatever it is. And I think so many people I've met, their glass is completely and totally full, and oh, it's going to be wonderful. And I guess I just think maybe somebody who understands why I don't always see it that way.

Roxanne, thanks a lot for sharing your weekend soundtrack with us.

You're welcome, it was my pleasure.

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