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Prop 8 Revisited

Krissy Clark

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Prop 8 opponents comfort eachother on Nov. 5
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This week, the buzzword was "hope" for many voters around the country. But not for gay and lesbian couples in California, where the electorate passed ballot Proposition 8 - a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

Supporters of the ban are now discussing legal action to try to invalidate the 17,000 same-sex marriages that have taken place in California since they were legalized in June. Meanwhile, three lawsuits have been filed to overturn the ban.

While the presidential campaign is finally over, the fight over the definition of marriage still has a long way to go. Weekend America's Krissy Clark has the story.

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  • By Marc Naimark

    From Paris, YT, 11/11/2008

    PS to Mel: it's "lose", not "loose". Once is a typo, twice is just wrong.


    By Marc Naimark

    From Paris, YT, 11/11/2008

    At the end of her piece, Krissy Clark asks if proponents and opponents of same-sex marriage are willing to listen to each other. When it's a case of listening to folks like the man who claims he voted for proposition 8 because he was tired of "being pushed around", my answer is that I don't want to have a discussion with him. I don't think there's much point talking with the delusional. A person who can claim that he is somehow victimized by same-sex marriage is not in his right mind. He is a pathetic bigot, and he can whine all by his lonesome. Or not by his lonesome, since there appear to be plenty of others who share his delusions.

    By Mel Walters

    From St. Louis, MO, 11/09/2008

    On the tax exempt status, Boy Scouts of America is the most obvious and rampant example of a non-profit rejecting people based on their religious or sexual preference, even in opposition to state law, without loosing its tax exempt status. Not only is there the famous US Supreme Ct case from 2000, but a California case from 1998. Generally, religious organizations are afforded even more freedom. Further information concerning a church's ability to obtain and retain tax-exempt status can be found in the IRS website: www.irs.gov.

    By John Hancock, Jr.

    From Glen Rock, PA, 11/08/2008

    In counterpoint to he who supported Prop 8 because he was tired of religion being 'pushed too far', I say I am tired of religionists telling me how to live my life!

    By Gary Wraughton

    From San Diego, CA, 11/08/2008

    "Gay" marriage is part of the "gay agenda". It is mostly politics and has little to do with love or 1040 deductions. I googled up this random example to illustrate my point ... http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/51293936.html (Methodist Camp Tax Exemption Revoked for Not Hosting Same-Sex Union). In Canada, where gay marriage is legal for 10 years now, it is a "hate crime" to say from a church pulpit that homosexuality is a sin. Seriously folks, why give someone a gun with which to shoot you?

    By Mel Walters

    From St. Louis, MO, 11/08/2008

    If Krissy Clark happens to interview the last person she spoke with in this broadcast, could she ask him what would happen if the person's church refused to marry a Jewish couple? Answer is, the church would not loose its tax exempt status. It's an excuse for voting against another person's civil rights that I've never heard before; and, if it's his only reason for voting against another group's civil rights, he should be advised that his church would not loose its tax exempt status for not marrying a couple based on the church's religious principles. However, the church could loose it's tax-exempt status by using its pulpit as a means to direct people how to vote.

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