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Best Thing Since Empty Nest

Marc Sanchez

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Ever since the advent of the VCR, Saturday night network TV has been a black hole. Low ratings, low interest. But last Saturday, NBC saw their highest ratings in over 20 years thanks to Michael Phelps' eighth gold medal. So what was NBC's last Saturday night, prime time show to have higher ratings than Phelps? "Empty Nest." You know, "Empty Nest"...starring Richard Mulligan, Kristy McNichol and Dinah Manoff. You don't remember that?


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  • By Betty Norlin

    From Nevis, MN, 08/23/2008

    Your story on the lack of programming on network TV just reaffirmed my (our) frustrations. We aren't heavy TV watchers and found that paying for satellite tv was really a waste of money. Not to mention that there was STILL nothing to watch! So, here we are with our rabbit ears and 2 TV stations. What a bunch of garbage! Reality everything, CSI everywhere and that;s about it. We're in our mid 50's. I know quite a few people our age who have given up cable and satellite. Why don't the networks recognize that there are people out there who would love to see movies on Fri and Sat. nights. Some quality, intelligent programing. Maybe some reruns of the old variety shows instead of re-runs of murder and morgue shows. Are we not the largest segment of the population now? Why is it that our voice is not heard? (in so many instances)Anyway...I know you people have no control but you gave me the opportunity to express my frustration. We're planning to get a rooftop antennae soon so hopefully we will at least get PBS. Thanks for a great show. You do an excellent job.
    Betty (and Steve) Norlin

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