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  • Summer Cottages

    Poet Cornelius Eady

    This weekend, lots of folks are saying goodbye to their summer homes, at least until next year. Boats are coming out of the water, beach blankets are heading for the closet. Poet Cornelius Eady and his wife, graphic designer and writer Sarah Micklem, won't be doing either one of those things.

  • Fun at the Cemetery

    Marge Wilson reads the inscription on a statue

    Maybe it's the kind of summer day in your part of the country that inspires you to pack a picnic and go listen to an outdoor concert. Or take in a nature walk. Where would you go? How about the cemetery? Historic cemeteries like Brooklyn's Green-Wood host live dance and music performances. Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles has been a popular site for movie showings.

  • Barbies Forever

    Desiree and her Barbies

    The iconic Barbie doll is having a great summer. Last week, Barbie won a court battle against her modern competitor, the Bratz dolls. And last month, Mattel issued an Alpha Kappa Alpha Barbie in honor of the nation's oldest black sorority. This weekend, we do what millions of girls do every weekend worldwide -- play with our old Barbies.

  • Best Thing Since Empty Nest

    Ever since the advent of the VCR, Saturday night network TV has been a black hole. Low ratings, low interest. But last Saturday, NBC saw their highest ratings in over 20 years thanks to Michael Phelps' eighth gold medal. So what was NBC's last Saturday night, prime time show to have higher ratings than Phelps? "Empty Nest." You know, "Empty Nest"... starring Richard Mulligan, Kristy McNichol and Dinah Manoff. You don't remember that?

  • Support for Georgia, the White Minority and GPS

    A Georgian journalist offers a flag to soldier

    As Russian tanks rumble down the streets of Georgia, the Bush administration has pledged its unwavering support to the former Soviet republic. The United States has airlifted Georgian troops from Iraq back to their home, while providing the Georgian military with training and equipment. Does this loyalty seem like Good News, Bad News or No News?

  • "Baila"

    Aja Johnson with her family

    Right now, I'm spending them packing up my stuff, getting ready to move with my family to Mexico, which is kind of scary. So this song puts me in a good mood and gets me motivated to actually pack my stuff and get ready and be happy about it. It's such a happy, dancey song.

  • Gigs by Canoe

    Christopher Bell

    Summer is a time for music, but what happens when your musician can't afford to get to you? Christopher Bell has remedied the rising cost of gas by deciding to canoe to his shows. He's in week two of his six-week tour down the Erie Canal. He hopes to make it to Manhattan by the end of the tour.

  • Letters: Plumbing Curious, Hunter-Gatherers and Gourmet on a Budget

    The Answer

    Time again to open up the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to our recent stories. Listeners wanted to know more about shopping and our brains, living in a tiny house without running water, and cooking in hard times.

  • Congress Wants to Help

    Congress wants to help

    Congress is passing a bill to help homeowners facing foreclosure and to shore up struggling mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. President Bush doesn't love it but he won't veto it. Is the bill Good News, Bad News or No News?

  • Catching the Big One

    Chris on the hook

    More than 30 million people in the United States fish each year. What a nice relaxing way to spend the weekend. Kicking back, waiting for a nibble. But sometimes fishing can go wrong. Very wrong.

  • Monumental Movement in Brooklyn

    Capo di tutti Capo

    Every year, men from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn hoist a four-ton, 68-foot statue called the Giglio into the air and move it six blocks while dancing 'the Giglio' under the sweltering sun. The event commemorates the San Paolino de Nola Feast, which originated in Nola, Italy. This year, Weekend America correspondent Amber Cortes took us to the festival.

  • Satirical Overkill?

    Covering Controversy

    Do you agree with our panel of experts on what was good, bad and no news this week?

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