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Hour 1

  • A new home in Texas

    From Refugee Camp to Austin Apartment

    For our continuing series "First Weekend Home," reporter Tori Marlan brings the story of a family of refugees from Myanmar (formerly Burma) spending their first weekend in a place they hope will one day feel like home: Austin, Texas. But just getting used to common things -- light switches, supermarkets and beds -- is a challenge.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Aeroc
    CD: Viscous Solid (Ghostly International)
  • Dubious Honor for a Departing Bush

    Brian McConnell, left, and Michael Jacinto

    In San Francisco this weekend, a group of activists will be gathering signatures for a special ballot initiative to rename a sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush. They've gotten enough signatures to put the initiative on the bill and if it passes, the official re-naming ceremony will take place on Inauguration Day.

  • Music Bridge:
    Tambo Hope
    Artist: Antietam
    CD: Opus Mixtum (Carrot Top)
  • Bill's Values

    You Can't be Happy All the Time

    Eric Wilson

    Weekend America co-host Bill Radke's daughter Susanna turns 17 months old this weekend, and he's questioning his own need to see her smile all the time. Sometimes a little sadness and anguish can be good for the soul -- as long as that dark guest in your head knows when to leave...

  • Music Bridge:
    Do Deep-Sea Fish Dream Of Electric Moles?
    Artist: Michio Kurihara
    CD: Sunset Notes (Ba Da Bing)
  • Weekend Soundtrack

    Santana's "Aquamarine"

    James "Dewey" Dewhurst

    James "Dewey" Dewhurst is a former National Guardsman from Louisiana. He is now a private contractor stationed in Afghanistan, working 11 miles from the Pakistani border. Dewhurst's Weekend Soundtrack is "Aquamarine" by Carlos Santana, which he found while on R-and-R leave in Negril, Jamaica.

  • A Native American Take on Independence

    Michelle Singer and Bruce Babbitt, July 4, 1998

    This weekend, we celebrate our nation's 232nd birthday. But it's not a celebration for everybody, especially for many of the Indian tribes who lived here long before the Founding Fathers got here. So how is the Fourth of July handled on sovereign Indian lands? Weekend America's Krissy Clark spoke with some tribal members to find out.

  • Music Bridge:
    Jeden Tag
    Artist: Hausmeister
    CD: Water-Wasser (Plop)
  • The Weekend Shift

    The Squirrelman's Rolling Home

    David Csaky and his new home

    David Csaky is unemployed and homeless. He works odd jobs, sometimes during the week, sometimes on the weekend... whenever he can get it. This weekend, David is caring for rescued animals at a ranch in Washington state. Jenny Asarnow brings us his story.

Hour 2

  • Back in the day

    This Weekend in 1968: At War on the Fourth of July

    People nationwide will celebrate our nation's independence this weekend. There will also be hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemen and women hunkered down in Afghanistan and Iraq. Two veterans of two different wars discuss their experiences serving under fire and then and returning home from an unpopular war.

  • Music Bridge:
    The Ghost of the Exquisite
    Artist: Loren Connors and David Grubbs
    CD: Arborvitae (Hapna)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    DINKs vs. Breeders

    Our panel of non-experts tackle the top issues of the past week: John Ridley, author of the "Visible Man" blog at NPR.org; Yale University professor Amy Hungerford; and Jesse Thorn, host of public radio's "The Sound of Young America."

  • Music Bridge:
    La Avispa
    Artist: The Rainbow Orchestra
    CD: The In-Kraut (Marina)
  • Letters

    Letters: Kites, Narcs Gone Bad

    Centipede kite

    We love letters from our lovely listeners. Some of you praised us, others chastised us for the stories we broadcast. At least one story - on the "Turncoat Narc" - inspired a spirited debate amongst listeners. If something we broadcast touched you, angered you, saddened or inspired you, let us know. You can read more listener responses here.

  • Our Very Own Sea Monster

    Fact? Or fiction?

    There's a farmer's market today in Lake City, Minn., on the shores of Lake Pepin, a popular getaway spot for folks from Wisconsin and Minnesota. People will buy produce, socialize, hang out... Some might be staring really hard at the water, looking for a ripple, maybe a fin, perhaps a monstrous slimy head.

  • Music Bridge:
    Grey Sunday
    Artist: D'arcangelo
    CD: Eksel (Rephlex)
  • Japanese-American 'No No Boys'

    A patriotic suspect

    During World War II, Japanese Americans put into internment camps were given a questionnaire. How they answered those questions would determine their quality of life behind the fences -- and the answers to two questions in particular about military service changed the lives of the so-called "No No Boys."

  • Three-Day Weekend: The Code Hunters

    Big Group Mystery

    Another three-day weekend is upon us. Time to revisit our three day weekend series of stories about what we all do with one more day in our weekends. For the past decade, Francis Heaney and Dan Katz have spent the MLK weekend at MIT every year. They go to compete in the MIT Mystery Hunt, which recently celebrated its 29th anniversary. Weekend America's Charlie Schroeder recently talked with them about why they return to play the hunt year after year.

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