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Weekend America Series

Bill's Values

In this six-month series, host Bill Radke interviews experts and ordinary people about the values he ought to instill in his daughter.


  • Media & Mindless Consumerism

    Disney Princesses

    In this latest installment of his series, "Bill's Values", Bill Radke speaks to writer Susan Linn and film critic Richard Schickel about aggressive marketing that targets children and can inhibit their natural tendencies for make-believe.

  • You Can't be Happy All the Time

    Eric Wilson

    Weekend America co-host Bill Radke's daughter Susanna turns 17 months old this weekend, and he's questioning his own need to see her smile all the time. Sometimes a little sadness and anguish can be good for the soul -- as long as that dark guest in your head knows when to leave...

  • Figuring Out Beauty for Herself

    Susan Davis today

    My daughter turns 16 months old today. The older she gets, the more people comment on her looks. And so it begins: a lifetime of the world telling her what she looks like. I'm sure someone's going to think she's pretty and no doubt someone will find her ugly -- or at least, not right-looking. And I wonder how she's going to react to these appraisals.

  • My Easy-Going Myth

    Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus

    According to a parenting expert, I am helping my 15-month-old daughter accept herself as she is. But maybe I'm not taking my own advice, and maybe I'm not as easy-going a parent as I think I am. I'm enlightened -- but I'm not really sounding that way, am I?

  • Don't Ruminate, Communicate

    View from Santa Monica to Malibu hills

    Weekend America co-host Bill Radke continues his exploration of the values he hopes to pass down to his daughter. This time, two experts share some simple truths: be positive about your life, and take time to communicate with your kids.

  • Elbows on or off the Table?

    Gemaldezyklus fur das Kartauserkloster Nuestra Sen

    Weekend America host Bill Radke continues his series on family values by discussing the rules of etiquette like "No elbows on the table." He and his wife disagree, so Bill brings in an expert on the history of manners.

  • Deciding to Have a Second

    Bill Radke, wife Sara Bowen and Susanna

    Fertility rates in the U.S. are at an all-time high. It might be good for the future of social security; not so much for the environment. Weekend America host Bill Radke weighs the arguments as he and his wife contemplate having another child.

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