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Presidents of the United States of America

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The Presidents of the United States of America
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We're getting a new president, and who better to write a song for the occasion than the pop group the Presidents of the United States of America? We hear their composition and how they wrote it.


(To download "Moving On," right-click on the "Download" link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As.")


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  • By james goetsch

    From fort wayne, IN, 02/02/2010

    down load the web page friends of the third world all times call 260-422-6821 all times or order call any time.
    friends of the third world.

    By Robert Drouhard

    From OR, 01/23/2009

    No matter your political leanings, PUSA is great. What a fun song!

    By Eric Degerman

    From Richland, WA, 01/18/2009

    To the men of POTUS,
    Thanks again for all the years of entertaining and enlightening music. This song will help many people smile, and I hope it will help inspire them, too.

    By Alaina T

    From Bainbridge, WA, 01/18/2009

    This song is fantastic! PoTUS, you've done it again, I missed you guys being in the limelight ;)

    By R B

    From St. Paul, MN, 01/17/2009

    Works for me!

    By Michael D

    From Cleveland, OH, 01/17/2009

    Great track, thanks for offering up the DL!

    By Mary M. Sullivan

    From Elgin, IL, 01/17/2009

    I'm getting the message "can't find host." I'd love to have this to play for my friends at the inauguration!

    By Mary M. Sullivan

    From Elgin, IL, 01/17/2009

    I'm getting the message "can't find host." I'd love to have this to play for my friends at the inauguration!

    By Bill Solomonson

    From Detroit, MI, 01/17/2009

    Mom and the kids are driving out to DC tomorrow morning to see the shin-dig. This tune will be rocking in the stereo along the turnpike!! (When I can download it...) Thanks!

    By Cindy K

    From St Paul, MN, 01/17/2009

    Also problem downloading. File not found error. Has anyone found the song elsewhere?

    By Michael Faulkner

    From Van Nuys, CA, 01/17/2009

    Hey folks, you aired the song, but something appears to be wrong with your download links. They are not working.

    By Nathan C

    From Chicago, IL, 01/17/2009

    Is anyone else having problems downloading the song? When I click on the link, a blank screen comes up.

    By John Ellis

    From Andover, MN, 01/17/2009

    I now know why I listen to NPR for unexpected gems like this song. When can we expect the download. There are dozens of people I know across the world who will love this and I cannot wait to send it to them.

    By Julia Barton

    From St Paul, 01/17/2009

    hold your horses--audio for this and the whole show is on its way! We have to finish airing the show first...Check back soon.

    Julia Barton
    Weekend America

    By Mitsi Wagner

    From Cleveland, OH, 01/17/2009

    Agreed: 1) great song, 2) where is the free download? I want to hear it, again!

    By Mark Kobak

    From Cleveland, OH, 01/17/2009

    Love the song
    definitely release it

    By Becky Swanson

    From Minneapolis, MN, 01/17/2009

    I'd even PAY for the download if I could find it. what about a YouTube? this must go viral. Awesome song.

    By laura kaye

    From lake wylie, SC, 01/17/2009

    Made my pants dance all the way to my feet and my heart jumped to my lips into joy filled sound. Me too were is the download.

    By Elaine Rhyne

    From Statesville, NC, 01/17/2009

    What a fun, bouncy song! Now for the free download?

    By T Murray

    From Baltimore, MD, 01/17/2009

    I loved this song. I can't wait to download it. They should release this song.

    By Scott Nelson

    From St. Paul, MN, 01/17/2009

    I loved the song! I too, am trying to figure out how to download.

    By Melissa B.

    From Sanford, FL, 01/17/2009

    I love the song. How do I download it?

    By Tristan Holcomb

    From columbia, MD, 01/17/2009

    Heard the song when i got in the car, I said i know them, this is the presidents of the united states of america, they did lump, Obama's moving in this is great and it is a great example of Irony, The president sent by the presidents for only putting out good music during good presidents, now that's unprecidented. I heart Illiteration

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