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Vegetarians Falling Off the Wagon

Marc Sanchez

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Thanksgiving without turkey?

Weekend America asked a delicate question of listeners recently -- and yes, it turns out there are more than a few ex-vegetarians who lapsed during the holidays. We hear their stories.


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  • By Dr DAL Turner

    From Honolulu Hawai'i and Palm Spri, CA, 11/29/2008

    That post-Thanksgiving piece about backsliding Vegetarians was OH SO OBVIOUSLY written &/or produced by a carnivore -
    a real Vegetarian could NEVER be tempted by the consumption of putrefying flesh. (Hey, if it's dead it's rotting...and begs covering up by catsup or worcestershire sauce!)
    The "backslider testimonials" you aired each were flawed: one who admitted his vegetarian faire was something that tasted like "library paste" - to another who confessed physical problems obviously from a diet lacking in necessary nutriments...when a nutritionist rather than a medic should have been consulted. These days there is tasty and healthful vegetarian food available...it just takes jut some education and some planning. I ate only the "best" steaks EVERY NIGHT all my adult life - Spencers, New Yorks, and Filet Mignon - until my health and sense of environmental responsibility helped me give up dead animals some 20 years ago! - so believe me: I'm qualified to educate you that a real vegetarian could NEVER be tempted to backslide into consuming flesh once it has been rightfully left to the dogs.......(unless you eat them, too - as do many cultures who would never eat pigs, the American breakfast treat!)

    Your piece may have been "cute" - but not very helpful to those who would take some personal responsibility for their own health - or that of animals...and our host planet.
    Dr Dal - Honolulu Hawai'i and Palm Springs CA

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