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Letters: Loser Candy, Religious Guilt and Scary Movies

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"Loser" Candy?
(Brave Heart)

We open the Weekend America mailbag and hear your responses to recent stories, including a defense of "loser" Halloween treats and questions about religious guilt and P-O-R-N. Finally, we speak with Dr. Joanne Cantor, a former professor of Communication Arts, about the neurological reasons why scary movie memories stay with us forever.

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  • By Andrea Scharf

    From Los Angeles, CA, 11/08/2008

    RE: Scary Movies
    In the late 50s - early 60s movies played as double bills. The second was always a "B" movie. On Saturdays, my brother sometimes took his two younger sisters with him to the movies and he usually chose what we saw. I have no clue what the main feature was but I had nightmares for years about the second one called "Key Witness". In it, some horrible, young, slick-backed hair bad guys were going to kill the father of a nice suburban family.
    In a shot that preceded the Mrs. Robinson's leg shot from The Graduate" by many years, "Key Witness" featured this bad punk, seen through the bent leg of a woman as she shaved it. That guy's face haunted me for years. So imagine my nausea and terror when I saw the very disburbing "Blue Velvet" and there he was again. It was Dennis Hopper. I didn't recognize him when he appeared in "Easy Rider."
    Even now, bopping around the art scene, declaring himself a Republican for Obama, I still find him scary.

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