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Good News, Bad News, No News

Obama Infomercial, Joe the Plumber, Candy Cutbacks

John Moe

Angela Kim

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Sen. Obama's Infomercial

Our panel of non-experts weigh in on this week's news events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. Joining us on this week's panel are: Luke Burbank, host of the radio show "Too Beautiful To Live"; Nancy French, author of "A Red State of Mind"; and David Rakoff, whose latest book is "Don't Get Too Comfortable."


1. Barack Obama's infomercial.

The Democratic presidential candidate bought up a half hour of air time on several TV networks for a prime time address and documentary that he described as an infomercial. It's the first such move in a presidential race since Ross Perot in 1996.

Was this campaign development good news, bad news or no news?

2. McCain gets obsessed with Joe the Plumber

You thought Joe the Plumber would fade away after the last debate? Think again, my friends. Samuel Wurzelbacher, also known as "Joe the Plumber," has become a central figure in the John McCain campaign as the candidate rails against Barack Obama's economic policies. Wurzlebacher has been speaking at the rallies as well.

Joe's dominance in the McCain campaign: good news, bad news or no news?

3. Less variety of candy available

Lower consumer spending has meant candy companies are more reluctant to test new brands. Thirty-five new chocolate products were available compared to 49 a year ago. Among sugar and gum confectionaries, it was down to 54 from 119.

Lack of candy variety: good news, bad news or no news?

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