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Michael Raphael

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Bon Iver
(Sarah Cass)
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Bill Radke: Sarah, why is Bon Iver your weekend soundtrack?

Sarah Hermann: Bon Iver is a weekend soundtrack for me during the monsoon season in Arizona. His music is really gentle, which reflects the environment that we experience during that rainy season.

Radke: Bon Iver means "good winter."

Hermann: Good winter.

Radke: But when is Arizona's monsoon season?

Hermann: Monsoon season is effectively two months, usually starting in July and then stretching into August. And we go through a period where every afternoon, you'll see the clouds start to form in the east. We have an intense, probably two-hour storm.

And you get these fat, heavy raindrops that fall fast and hard and the temperature drops probably 15, 20 degrees, and everyone moves outside. You form friendships during these storms because it's cool enough that our largely uninhabitable environment really invites everyone into the open and requires good music to be shared.

Radke: What do these lyrics mean?

Hermann: He says "sky is womb," which really for me means a lot during the summer because we get all of our rain in these two months. And you can definitely see it, the desert just like explodes. We have cicadias that swell all day long, and flowers are blooming everywhere, and everything really becomes clean. His natural imagery, especially of nature being this mother, the sky being the womb, and lending itself to life really everywhere.

Radke: Sarah Hermann in Tucson. Thank you for sharing your weekend soundtrack.

Hermann: Thank you Bill. It was a pleasure.

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    Artist: Steve Roden
    CD: afterGlow
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