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Change of Seasons

Kid Poems for Summer Days

Marc Sanchez

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Cover of "Whatever the Weather"
(Copyright Scholastic Books)

Betsy Franco is a children's poet and author of many books -- here, she shares some of her favorite poems about summer:

Stars with Wings

Sometimes it seems
like all the stars
have fallen
from the skies,
but when I see
the stars have wings
I know they're fireflies.

© Betsy Franco from Creepy Crawlies, Scholastic, 2000

Ramona Street on a Hot Summer Day

You can hear the whack
of a tennis ball against the plastic bat.
You can smell Ms. Lowry's
honeysuckle bush
that grows along her fence.
You can lick an ice cold popsicle
from Petey's ice-cream truck.
You can feel Joey's sprinkler water
tingling on your skin.
There's no place I'd rather be
than Ramona Street
on a hot summer day!

© Betsy Franco, from Whatever the Weather, Scholastic, Inc. 2001

Running Through the Sprinkler

You can let the water chase you,
There are lots of games to play
when you're running through the sprinkler
on a hot and muggy day.

You can sit right on the squirt holes,
You can run every-which-way,
and it's fun to wear your school clothes-
never mind what Mom will say.

You can stand still as the water comes
or jump across the spray.
Just picking up the sprinkler
can chase everyone away.

If your friends come by to see you,
you can ask them all to stay
when you're running through the sprinkler
on a hot and muggy day.

© Betsy Franco, from Whatever the Weather, Scholastic, Inc. 2001.

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  • By Anna Magadzire

    From Harare, AL, 03/25/2013

    i think they should be a little bit long

    By Dunai Rolle

    From Miami, FL, 05/20/2009

    I think that they are so cute

    By Mitzie Verne

    From Shaker Heights, OH, 05/25/2008

    Since Betsy Franco is my daughter, I shed a little tear when she read "Running Through The Sprinkler" with such great

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