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Change of Seasons

How Do You Know It's Spring?

Suzie Lechtenberg

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"I know it's spring because it's when the ice melts."

"I know about spring because it's when it rains and you can wear shorts."

"I like spring because you can go outside with bare feet."

"I know when it is spring because I like to catch butterflies, and the sun is shining and birds sing."

"I know when it is spring because you don't have to wear snow pants and you can wear short sleeves."

Jane Streelman: What else do you like about spring?

"The flowers bloom."

"You can go camping more."

"You can rollerblade outside."

"When you can plant flowers and the birds start to sing."

Streelman: This is Jane Streelman, kindergarten teacher at Grandville Christian School, and her students. Everybody say hi!

Kindergarten class: Hi!

Streelman: We have had a very long winter. In fact we've had a record-breaking winter -- more than 100 inches of snow. And we've had blizzards and snow days, which mean no school. And the big kids and the teachers are like, "Ahh, we get to sleep in!" But usually, the kindergarteners are like, "Aw, we can't come to school!" Right, guys?

Kindergarten class: Yeah!

Streelman: And because it has been a long, deep winter, we end up having to take minutes and minutes and minutes and minutes to get ready to go outside for recess. And now we can just zip right out there and have a lot of fun outside. So we're glad to see spring come.

"I like spring 'cause the grass grows green!"

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    CD: Snowstorm EP (Twentyseven Records)
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