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Election 2008

Jeff Horwich's Super Tuesday

Jeff Horwich

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Jeff Horwich
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"Super Tuesday," by Jeff Horwich

Super Tuesday, you're the one
We'll thin the field when you are done
Super Tuesday there's so much that rides on you

Super Tuesday, nobody compares
Some other states still vote but no one cares
Super Tuesday you're the biggest by far, that's true

"Super Duper" or maybe even "Tsunami"
Winners gloat and the losers cry for their mommy (like Giuliani)

How long should we stay-on in Iraq?
(Do we) welcome immigrants or send 'em back?
Super Tuesday there's so much we need to choose.

Health care system's in an awful bind
Should we stick with No Child Left Behind?
Cast a ballot baby what have you got to lose.

The economy is rapidly decomposing
Take your pick from the fiscal plans they're proposing
And I'm foreclosing

Super Tuesday, such a crucial day.
And the first convention's still eight months away
In the meantime just what are we s'posed to do?

Super Tuesday, you're the one
February's never been this fun.
Super Tuesday there's so much that rides on
All these candidates are staking their prides on
Super Tuesday there's so much that rides on you.


Jeff Horwich is the host of the Minnesota Public Radio Show "In The Loop."
Jimmy Kennedy is piano

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