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Weekend Soundtrack

Weekend Soundtrack: "Leave Them All Behind"

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Tim Scanlin and his band Actionslacks.
(Peter Ellenby)
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Bill Radke: Tim why is this song your Weekend Soundtrack?

Tim Scanlin: You know, the title of the song "Leave Them All Behind" pretty much says it all. And you can apply that to the micro level, you know, of leaving behind all of your day to day problems of the work week. And you can apply it to kind of a bigger level of you know, leave the world at large behind. And that's really what the weekend is about for me. It's just kind of forgetting about the Monday through Friday things that I have to deal with and just get some peace of mind.

This song has got power.

I would encourage everybody to turn their radio up.

When do you like to put this song on?

Usually when I'm in the car with Aidan, my son, the soundtrack is limited to nursery rhymes. But when I'm in there by myself, usually running an errand down to the hardware store to get something for the house, I'll put that on, and just crank it up. I think I actually have now blown out the speakers in my car.



Why does "Leave Them All Behind" speak to you so much?

It's kind of the musical equivalent of emancipation. You know, it just helps me forget about my immediate problems and just really focus on the now, and enjoying life. You know, I am, for better or worse in the music industry, and sometimes it can become commodified and get to the point where it becomes a widget. Where you stop realizing or hearing, you know, the things about music you loved in the first place. And this song serves to remind me of why I've devoted my life to music. You know, it's really kind of my religion. The lyrics are really simple. There are really only about seven or eight lines of words to this song. It's certainly words to live by. It's you know, it's a sacred text for somebody whose life has been devoted to rock'n'roll.

Tim Scanlin, of Pasedena, thank you for sharing your weekend soundtrack with us.

Thank you Bill, I appreciate it, it was great talking with you.

I wonder if people know, what just sheerly putting on a song of this energy can do for them.

I don't know, I think they should try it out. I think they should crank it.

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