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Listener Letters: Las Vegas, vs. Los Vegas

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Listeners sound off about pronunciation, Greek mythology and the environment. Host Bill Radke talks with Stanford Professor Richard Martin to clarify a point a listener brought up from our Nov. 10 show. The listener wrote in to call attention to the fact that Icarus was the son of Daedalus, not Zeus as it said on our website. Professor Martin sets the record straight.

Listeners Wrote:

Icarus was the son of Daedelus, not Zeus.

Anonymous Bosch
San Francisco, Calif.

I just finished listening to the Carbon Emissions story. I think your guest was too polite. If you are traveling by plane several times a day, then that has a HUGE carbon footprint. If you are driving around "window shopping," again, HUGE carbon footprint. It seems almost better to buy the first thing you see than to burn oil to look for that "just right" item.

It seemed like a velvet-covered bat, here. If we are living or working in a way that NECESSITATES so much travel, then there is a problem with our demands. It seems we're trying to change the end product—how can we do what we do more efficiently—instead of the Means—let's change what we do! Refuse to fly several times a day! Refuse to commute! If everyone refuses, then business practices have to change.

Reframe the debate: If someone were asking you to do something unethical for your job, you'd quit (or you should). If the environment and the planet really matters to us, we would see all these actions as unethical, and refuse to do them! Save the planet! Stay put!

Which reminds me... you guys followed the piece with "We're going on the road next week to Las Vegas, the capital of consumption." What of all the resources you are consuming to get there? Oh the irony!

Amanda Comstock
Dover, Ohio

Everyone on your show pronounced the name of the "the glitzy city" incorrectly. It's LAS Vegas, not LOS Vegas.

Sandra Sokolik
St. Louis, Mo.

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  • By muhammad sn jawe

    From ryyuf, NY, 01/22/2009


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