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Weekend Soundtrack: "My Favorite Coat"

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My Favorite Coat
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All this year we've been asking the listeners what songs remind them of the weekend. This week we re-visit one of our favorites, Beth Weigel from Juneau, Alaska, spoke with Weekend America host Bill Radke about how the song "My Favorite Coat" by Deb Talan conjures up thoughts of the weekend.

Produced by Michael Raphael

Bill Radke: Beth, from what I know of Juneau, Alaska, there's always a good chance it'll be a rainy weekend.

Beth Weigel: That's right. We get probably over 200 days of rain in the year. I work as a guide here in the summertime and I teach skiing in the winter. And I actually like the rain, quite a bit. But it can be a deterrent to wanting to go outside and enjoy your weekend.

And what is this Deb Talan song, "My Favorite Coat," what's it mean to you?

I've experienced some different dramas and difficulties in life, one of which has been going through cancer, two times in my life, and you know you have to kind of gain a perspective on the difficulties that you experience. And for me to be able to walk up a trail and enjoy what I see along the way, whether it's the plants in bloom in spring, or you know skiing somewhere on a trail, it helps me put those problems into perspective. And keep going.

There are problems that you can have in your life, but the idea that you put on your coat and you go outside and things are better. I've always found that to be true. If things aren't going quite right, just go outside, and things will be better.

How are you now, Beth?

I'm doing well, I've been after treatment for over a year now, and I'm back out guiding and doing all the things that I love to do, so I'm in what they call remission from cancer.

I'm glad to hear it.

Yeah, thank you.

Beth, I wish you the best of health. Thank you for sharing your Weekend Soundtrack with us.

Thank you for allowing me to do that. And I hope everyone else can enjoy some time outside this weekend.

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