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Election 2008

How Does that $10,000 Dinner Taste?

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As the presidential candidates embark on the campaign trail, you'll be seeing billboards and hearing ads about what they can offer the American public. The cash it takes to buy far-reaching publicity like this is often collected using the old-fashioned fundraising dinner. Weekend America reporter John Moe finds out exactly what you get for a $10,000-a-plate dinner.

Letters to John Moe from the 2008 Campaigns

Dear John,

Our country is at a crossroads and in 2008 the American people have a critical decision to make. Do we want economic growth and prosperity spurred on by lower taxes, smaller government and fiscal responsibility? Or do we want big government making all of our decisions using higher taxes, bloated bureaucracy and runaway spending?

The choice is clear.

As Mayor, Rudy Giuliani went beyond political rhetoric and turned around a city some called ungovernable. Inheriting a $2.3 billion deficit, Rudy rescued jobs, cut the size of government, reduced or eliminated 23 taxes, slashed welfare rolls by 640,000 and decreased real per-capita spending. The citya€™s once stagnant economy boomed as hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs were created. People began to move to the city instead of out of it.

To watch my thoughts on today's debate, please click here. The proof is in the results and Rudy's record speaks for itself.

This afternoon at the debate, I was reminded of the stark contrasts between the candidates. Rudy Giuliania€™s record vividly stands above the rest. No one has more executive experience and a record of getting results.

We can trust a Giuliani administration to cut taxes and lead our nation out of deficits, anonymous earmarks and runaway spending. He will bring back fiscal responsibility through government accountability. We know he can accomplish these things because he has the proven record and experience to get it done.

Please join me in supporting the real fiscal conservative in this race, Rudy Giuliani.

Steve Forbes
National Campaign Co-Chair & Chief Economic Advisor
Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee

P.S. Do you believe in smaller government, lower taxes and economic growth? Click here to show your support.

Dear John,

There are two things in this world that I love more than anything else -- my family and politics. So you can imagine just how fired up I get when Hillary is on the stage debating the issues that matter to our country.

So here's an idea: why don't you and I share that excitement together during an upcoming debate. Hillary's campaign will pick three people -- each invited with a guest to watch one of the upcoming presidential debates with me. We'll sit down in front of a big TV with a big bowl of chips, watch the debate, and talk about the race. If you enter before the Sunday midnight deadline, you and a guest could be the ones to sit down with me to watch a presidential debate.

Join me for a debate. Make a contribution today: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/watchwithbill

The debates are a great chance to see the kind of president Hillary will be: strong, informed, and ready to lead. But Hillary can't win without your help. And she needs it today more than ever.

We're at a critical moment in the campaign. The end-of-quarter deadline will be here in just a few days. After Sunday, September 30, Hillary's fundraising numbers will be compared to those of her opponents, and every dollar you contribute between now and Sunday will make a huge difference.

We've passed Labor Day, which means more people are paying attention to the election -- everything that happens between now and January is magnified. So there is no better time than right now to help Hillary win.

Want a chance to watch a debate with me? Make a contribution today: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/watchwithbill

I'm excited about this idea because it involves three things I really enjoy: watching debates, watching Hillary run for president, and meeting her strongest supporters.

When I tell you I like watching Hillary debate, I mean it. You're talking to the man who stayed up until four in the morning on a trip through Africa just to catch one of her debates live. So if you want to watch a debate with me -- or if you just want to help Hillary win -- enter today, and you and your guest might join me for a debate soon.

Don't miss the deadline. Make a contribution today: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/watchwithbill

You can't just want change. You have to commit to it. Do you want every single American to have affordable, quality health care? Do you want to end the war in Iraq? Do you want the economy to work for all Americans again? Hillary's ready to change America, and that's why -- with your help -- she's going to make such a great president.

Thank you so much for all your support. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Bill Clinton

P.S. Don't forget -- that deadline is just a few days away, so please contribute today!

Dear John,

I hear you might be watching a debate with Bill -- can I ask you a favor?

Bill mentioned "a big bowl of chips" in the email he sent you Tuesday. If you are one of the three people who get the chance to join him, can you make sure he eats carrots, not chips?

I know I can rely on you for this -- because you've been there for me this entire campaign. I've relied on you and more than a million of your fellow supporters, and you've never let me down.

Today, I need your help at a critical moment in the campaign. We're just a few days away from the end-of-quarter deadline, when we have to report the fundraising numbers that will set the tone for the final crucial months. The media and our opponents will use the numbers we report to determine the strength of our grassroots support -- help our campaign today and we can beat our goal.

And if you enter now, you could be one of three supporters invited to watch an upcoming debate with Bill.

Help me win today. Make a contribution: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/watchwithbill

The decisions we make about our campaign's strategy over the next few weeks will depend on the strength of your support. If you make a contribution today, before Sunday's FEC deadline, those decisions will be easier -- because we will know we have the resources to win.

We're making history, you and I. Together we can change course in Iraq, restore America's standing in the world, achieve energy independence, and make sure every single American has quality, affordable health care.

So help me make history by making a contribution before Sunday's key FEC deadline. If you enter today, you might be bringing a guest to watch an upcoming debate with Bill.

Help our campaign before Sunday's FEC deadline. Make a contribution: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/watchwithbill

Chips or carrots aside, I know Bill is really excited about the chance to watch a debate with you. It's one of his favorite things to do: sit down with friends and talk politics. So I hope you'll enter today for the chance to bring a guest to watch an upcoming debate with him.

He's looking forward to it -- and I hope you are, too. Not just because it will be a great experience, but because you know just what your support means to me and to my campaign.

The end-of-quarter deadline is just a few days away, so there's no better time to give. I need your help now -- before midnight on September 30 -- more than ever.

The FEC deadline is just a few days away. Make a contribution: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/watchwithbill

Thank you so much for everything you do to help my campaign.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

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