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Weekend Soundtrack

Weekend Soundtrack: "Stolen"

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Listeners from across the country have been telling us about the soundtrack to their weekends. Becky Summerlot listens to the show on WMFE in Orlando, Fla., and she explains why the Dashboard Confessional song, "Stolen," is her weekend song.

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Becky, have you been recently catching the last weekend of a sun-soaked summer?

I have. That first verse captures vacation coming to an end. And I'm an English teacher so the alliteration of the gold and the glimmer, and the sun soaked seasons just gets me. I love it! I love the lyricism. That first verse makes me want to run out and buy school supplies!

It's kind of bittersweet because I don't really want to go back to school, and yet at the same time I'm really excited about the students I'm going to meet, that I get to work with. So it kind of goes both ways. I like that about the song.

And what about the chorus of the song: "You have stolen my heart"?

It crescendoes gently throughout the song. By the end of the song, it's like he's standing on a rooftop screaming about how happy he is to be in love. I got married about a month ago, and my husband Michael and I, we've known each other for five years. And the love that I found with him is something that I never thought I'd find. So I understand the crescendo, the "hey we're in love, this is a pretty cool thing."

Why does love seem like something you never thought you'd find?

My parents got divorced when I was in high school, and my dad was always this really difficult, kind of hard to please guy. And because I was never able to please him, I guess my brain put it together that I'd probably never find a man that I could get to love me. I guess it's very Freudian. If you can't get your dad to love you, who else is going to?

How does this Dashboard Confessional song fit into your weekend?

Michael and I discovered that we've always really liked to cook together. Every weekend we'll figure out menus for the coming week and every now and then we'll stop whatever we're doing and dance around the apartment together. It's really nice being married!

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