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Weekend Soundtrack

Weekend Soundtrack: "Ying and Yang (The Flower Pot Man)"

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Ying and Yang the Flower Pot Man
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What song says it's the weekend? We've been asking you what's playing on your iPod, CD player and tape decks when the weekend rolls around. Michael Langlois hears our show on WLRN in Miami, Fla. He explains why the Love and Rockets song "Ying and Yang (The Flower Pot Man)" reminds him of the weekend.

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Bill Radke: How does this onslaught fit into your weekend?

Michael Langlois: Well it's Miami. Miami's a party city. I guess it's the soundtrack for my weekend because it's a great dance tune. Or as they used to say on American Bandstand, it's got a great beat and you can dance to it.

You give it an 85 at least. And you're a big dancer?

I was a dancer. I was actually a professional dancer when I was in my earlier years. Ballet.

So I'm picturing you dancing the ballet to this song... So you put this song on and what happens?

This is a song that I put on when I'm by myself, and my dogs are asleep, and about not to be asleep. If I'm home by myself and nobody's here, I'll just put it on and remember how wonderful it is to be able to move like that.

What does that dance look like? Is it the dance of a former ballet professional?

It's like your jumping and bouncing around and kind of shaking your head. I just picture somebody with, like, water all over them. Or like a dog shaking the water off its back after it's been in a rainstorm.

So you're dancing. How much are you even listening to these lyrics?

I don't listen to them now, because now I know them. The part about this song that's so for me giddy in a way is the repetition of the words beauty, beauty, beauty, beautiful. Because no matter what else the song is saying, when you have that refrain coming back over and over again, it makes you smile.

When I look outside the windows of my house into my yard, which is kind of like a jungle, I see beauty everywhere. The song reminds me of that a lot.

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