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Music for a Marathon Man

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Dean Karnazes
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When independent producer Gideon D'Arcangelo learned about ultra-marathoner Dean Karnazes' plan to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, he had just one question, and it wasn't, "Are you crazy?!" Actually Gideon wanted to know what would be coming out of Dean's headphones. For the next installment of our Listening In series, Gideon ran with Dean to find out what music motivates him to go the extra mile, or the extra 1,299 as the case may be.

The North Face Endurance 50

Weekend America's Ultimate Running Playlist

You can buy these songs, individually or as an entire playlist, at the Apple iTunes store.

Song Title ArtistAlbum
1. HomeMarc BroussardCarencro
"The beat just really gets you going. When it comes on, I get goose bumps, my step gets livelier, and I can feel myself smile."
Debra of Woodinville, Washington
2. Airborne Run to Cadence with the U.S. Army
"A great series. I just got the Army Airborne 1 and, oh my god, I'm actually running faster with it!"
Brett of Kirkland, Washington
3. Serra PeladaPhilip GlassPowaqqatsi Soundtrack
"It's comparable to being hooked up to an IV of caffeine. It's the ONLY thing that gets this tired 43 year old out of bed every morning at 5:00, and onto 'treadmill torture!' The brightness and energy of this piece is irresistible. I defy anyone to stay still while listening to it!"
Anne of Lodi, Ohio
4. One Way WidowLes Savy Fav Inches
"It has just the angry, driving guitar I need to up my pace when I'm dragging. I put it on and immediately channel the tempo through my legs. The lyrics about vanity and artificiality ("the end result is still the same/you can't go back the way you came") remind me that I'm running because it feels damn good to do it, not because I'm worried about impressing the dudes at the gym. Also, it makes me feel really punk."
Lauren of Ann Arbor, Michigan
5. On the Beautiful Blue DanubeJohann StraussThe Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra
"Whenever I am low, I play this song. My soul takes flight, and soars over all the petty problems of this weary world. Running is just another word for living. When my spirit is nourished, life is good, and I feel like I can run all the way over the horizon."
Scot of Durham, North Carolina
6. I'm Every WomanChaka KahnRhino Hi-Five: Chaka Khan
"While I have achy knees and can only use the elliptical, this music gives me extra energy and the lyrics are so positive and truthful. After all, we do, do it all and with style! We move beyond that extra mile."
Marie of Warwick, Rhode Island
7. GoodsMates of StateAll Day
"Partly because when it comes on I not only feel like running but dancing or maybe even frolicking like a kid...running as fast as I can, arms waving, and a big grin on my face. As a marathon runner this song has helped me through long training runs in the rain, snow, and sun. Regardless of the elements it puts a smile on my face and if I can't hold it in, a smile on all the other runners who pass by as they watch me folic like I'm eight years old again."
Kris Carter of Brookline, Massachusetts
8. Fix YouColdplayX & Y
"It gets my so hyped I usually double fist pump into the air. No doubt, passers by are confused."
Moriah of Nashville, Tennessee
9. EvaOzomatliLive at the Fillmore
"I always use this as the first song for work-out playlists. It's so catchy and has a fantastic salsa-hip-hop fusion instrumentation that just makes you want to move! I saw these guys in concert and they themselves never stop dancing and moving while performing--a high energy band indeed."
Gabriella of Boston, Massachusetts
10. Eye of the TigerSurvivorRocky IV Soundtrack
"The beat is awesome..the words so inspiring... and the melody put together with the words and beat makes YOU WANT TO GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!!!"
Carole of Tulsa, Oklahoma

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    Bittersweet Symphony
    Artist: The Verve
    CD: Urban Hymns (Virgin)


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  • By Brian Freeman

    From Dayton, OH, 09/13/2008

    What kind of shoes does Dean Karnazes wear? I'm just curious as to what would still be comfortable after so much running.

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