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How did your life collide with the headlines in 2007?
Iraq, the subprime crisis, Facebook, immigration, oil prices - 2007 had no shortage of hefty headlines. We'd like to hear about how these and other major news events of the past year affected you. Where did your life collide with the news in 2007?

What's your holiday performance story?
The office talent show, the neighborhood caroling posse, the school pageant ... At holiday time we often sing, dance, and dress as shepherds. Did you bloom in the warmth of your audience's adulation, or freeze up like the snowman you'd rather be building? Did your holiday performance change your life or that of someone close to you?

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Recently Featured Sports & Leisure
Listen IconEconomics on the Basketball Court
George Mason University's basketball players are the sweethearts of the NCAA final four. What you may not know though is that the school is also home to some economics superstars, including two Nobel laureates. Turns out, school economists been applying their knowledge of game theory to basketball. Host Bill Radke talks to George Mason economist and basketball fan Peter Boettke about what he's discovered, and what it may mean for the school's team. (01/04/06)
Performance information:
» More about Peter J. Boettke
» Washingtonpost.com: "Mason Magic Isn't Rocket Science"

Listen IconGo Climb a Tree
Tree climbing is a lot more sophisticated these days than when you clambered to the top of one as a child. Today there are all kinds of gear and techniques for reaching those high branches. Hosts Bill Radke and Barbara Bogaev joined a climbing expert recently at Griffith Park in Los Angeles for some serious scaling. (01/04/06)
Online resources:
» Tree Climbers International
» New Tribe tree climbing equipment
» Sherrill Tree professional and recreational climbing grear
Watch video of Barbara and Bill climbing trees:
» High bandwidth
» Low bandwidth

Listen IconThe Cinderella Shot
As another March Madness descends, Weekend America's Bill Radke talks to the Cinderella player of the 1998 NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney, Bryce Drew, about his winning basket and how this year's championship playoffs could hinge on a split-second play. (03/18/2006)
Online resources:
» SportsIllustrated.com: "Drew Drops In"

Listen IconWorld Baseball Classic
Racine Journal Times (Wisconsin) sports columnist Greg Giesen told his readers he didn't care about the World Baseball Classic and in fact, he thought it was bad for American baseball. But he tells Weekend America's Bill Radke that after watching a game between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, he had a profound change of heart. (03/11/2006)
Online resources:
» Greg Giesen's sports column online

Listen IconBirth of the Scoreboard
As you're watching March Madness this next week, take a moment to think about that big device hanging on the wall or ceiling that helps you keep track of the game: the scoreboard! Weekend America's Jessica Smith gives us a history lesson of how the electronic gizmo came to be. (03/11/2006)
Online resources:
» Fair-Play Scoreboards Web site

Listen IconZen Skiing
Can meditation give you an edge on the ski slopes? Some skiers think so. They've been signing up for special classes with a Zen Buddhist master to increase their awareness while skiing. Beth Hoffman reports. (03/04/2006)
Online resources:
» Kristen Ulmer's "Ski to Live" Web site
» Kanzeon - Zen Center International

WA Production Image
Listen IconOlympics Update
It's the final weekend for the 2006 Winter Olympics and Weekend America's official fan -- Chris Spurgeon -- is still glued to the TV. After 3 weeks, has he had enough? Hosts Bill Radke and Barbara Bogaev check in live to find what's keeping him stuck to the set. (02/25/2006)
Online resources:
» Olympic.org - Official Web site of the Olympic Movement
» NBC Olympics: Torino 2006
» Official Torino 2006 Web site

Listen IconThe Competitive Spirit
Whether it's the Olympics or jostling for the better parking spot at the mall, what drives us to compete? Host Barbara Bogaev has been thinking about that a lot this week and talks about what she's discovered. (02/25/2006)
Online resources:
» Rate your competitiveness with the Competitiveness Index.
» Silver Lake Yoga

WA Production Image
Listen IconOlympics Update
We're heading into week two of the Olympics and Weekend America's resident Olympics fanatic Chris Spurgeon remains glued to the TV and any other Olympics media source he can find. Hosts Bill Radke and Alex Cohen check in to get the latest buzz. (02/18/2006)
Online resources:
» Olympic.org - Official Web site of the Olympic Movement
» NBC Olympics: Torino 2006
» Official Torino 2006 Web site

Listen IconMeet Rosey Fletcher
Just a few years ago, Rosie Fletcher's pals left her alone on a hillside to struggle with the basics of snowboarding. Now, she's only a few days away from competing in the sport at the Winter Olympics. Weekend America's Bill Radke and Alex Cohen reach her in Turin to see how she's gearing up for her big moment. (02/18/2006)
Online resources:
» Rosey Fletcher Web site

WA Production Image
Listen IconOlympics Update
The Winter Olympics are underway in Turin, Italy. Self-proclaimed Olympics' fanatic Chris Spurgeon vows not to miss a minute of the excitement. Hosts Bill Radke and Barbara Bogaev will check in with him throughout the Games to see what he deems medal-worthy. (02/11/2006)
Online resources:
» Olympic.org - Official Web site of the Olympic Movement
» NBC Olympics: Torino 2006
» Official Torino 20006 Web site

Listen IconIce Sculpting
The Olympics have adopted some unusual events in recent years. Perhaps one of the most unusual is an activity that actually started in a kitchen: ice sculpting. Producer Albert Stumm profiles this unique contest and two of its American competitors. (02/11/2006)
Online resources:
» Ice Concepts of Philadelphia -- Kevin Gregory's Ice Sculpting Web site

Listen IconSuper Bowl Losers
Many of Steelers and Seahawks fans are eager to claim victory for their teams prior to Sunday's big Super Bowl match-up in Detroit. Then, there are fans that are hardcore pessimists. Host Bill Radke talks with two of these doubting Thomases: one from Pittsburgh and one from Seattle to learn why they approach Sunday's game with caution. (02/04/2006)

Listen IconNo Respect for Cross-Country
With their lightning speed and flashy moves, downhill skiers and snowboarders enjoy a lot of glory on the slopes. But as Olympian Carl Swenson tells reporter Jason Paur, getting recognition and support as a cross-country skier is an uphill battle. (01/28/2006)
Online resources:
» Carl Swenson Olympic Profile

Listen IconHigh Heels and Hockey Sticks
Reporter Susan Valot thought she'd be the last person to take up hockey; but she and a growing number of women find doing battle on the ice has its rewards. Valot introduces us to the women on her team. (01/07/2006)

WA Production Image
Listen IconAlmost Ready-Made Christmas Crafts
Feeling crafty this holiday season? Hosts Barbara Bogaev and Bill Radke have been trying their hand at some Christmas crafts with the help of a new book, Ready Made: How to Make almost Everything. (12/17/2005)
Online resources:
» Build your own chandelier
» ReadyMade: How to Make [Almost] Everything: A Do-It-Yourself Primer is available at the Public Radio BookSource.

Listen IconThe Games We Played
What do the games we play say about us? Host Bill Radke poses this question to John Blades, the executive director at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. The museum is displaying games played by Americans between the Civil War and World War I. From board games to puzzles, Flagler says that a lot can be learned about an era from the games the people played. (12/10/2005)
Online resources:
» Flagler Museum Web site
» The Flagler Museum Presents -- The Games We Played: American Board and Table Games from the Liman Collection.

Listen IconMarathon Man
Last week, Weekend America correspondent Ian Chillag ran the New York Marathon. He hadn't planned on participating until he got a call from the Achilles Track Club that a blind runner from Mongolia needed a guide. Ian took them up on their offer. (11/12/2005)
Online resources:
» Achilles Track Club
» The ING New York City Marathon

Listen IconD&D Bonding
The game Dungeons & Dragons has made a surprising comeback as of late. It reached its zenith of popularity in the 1980s and has been slowly creeping back into public consciousness. Recently, producer Jesse Boggs sat down with his teenage son's gaming group to try and figure out the secret to D&D's success. (11/12/2005)
Online resources:
» Official Dungeons & Dragons Web site

Listen IconThe Worst Call in History
This week, a few baseball umpires took a lot of heat for making some questionable calls during the playoffs. Retired umpire Don Denkinger knows how they feel. In 1985 he made a bad call in the ninth inning of a game 6 that some say cost the Cardinals the series victory. It's been called "the worst call in World Series history." Weekend America host Bill Radke talks to Denkinger about the mistake he can't forget. (10/22/2005)
Online resources:
» History of the World Series - 1985 (SportingNews.com)
» The best World Series games since Fisk (ESPN.com)

WA Production Image
Listen IconTale of Two Teams
Chicago White Sox fans are excited that they're hosting the World Series for the first time in over 40 years. But not all Chicago baseball fans are sharing in the enthusiasm. The North Side has always had more of an allegiance to the city's other team, the Cubs. The South Side has been partial to the Sox. Can the two rivals unite as the Sox go to bat against the Houston Astros? Reporter Yolanda Perdomo talks to fans on both sides. (10/22/2005)

Listen IconLet's Go
Even though it's been around for thousands of years, chances are you've never heard of the game, Go. Created in China, it's a board game that involves the placing of stones on a grid. One of the game's top players, Feng Yun, lives in New Jersey. But this week she's gone back to her homeland in China to participate in an international tournament. She sits down with independent producer Blake Eskin to talk about the game.

(This piece was produced for the Third Coast International Audio Festival, which is taking place this weekend. Thanks to Chicago Public Radio.) (10/22/2005)

Online resources:
» Learn more about the Go board game (Wikipedia.com)

Listen IconFixed-Gear Fetish
Have an obsession? Eric Ambel used to admit to just one: guitars. When he plays in singer Steve Earle's band, he has a huge collection of them to choose from. But now, he's collecting something completely different: fixed-gear bicycles. And he's not the only one obsessed with this retro form of riding. (10/15/2005)
Online resources:
» Eric Ambel's Web site
» Sid's Bikes
» Fixed Gear Gallery

Listen IconBetween a Rock and a Hard Place
Remember Aron Ralston? He's the lone mountain climber who became trapped in a remote part of the Utah Canyons a couple of years ago and had to sever his own arm to break free. He joins Weekend America host Bill Radke to talk about his connection to the outdoors and why he refuses to slow down. (10/15/2005)
Online resources:
» Aron Ralston Web site
» Aron Ralston book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place , is available at the Public Radio BookSource.

Listen IconEverest Remeasured
Record-setting mountain climber Conrad Anker got a little surprise this week. Hailed for reaching new heights on the world's tallest mountain, Mt. Everest, Anker just learned Everest isn't as high as experts once thought. Host Bill Radke talks to Anker about the new discovery and what it means to him. (10/15/2005)
Online resources:
» Conrad Anker Web site
» Anker Climbing Equipment

Listen IconThe View from Above
Father and daughter Ira and Patsy Townsend are on a mission to document the changing landscape of their beloved state of New Hampshire. She flies an ultralight plane while he takes photographs to capture the footprint of the land. Weekend America host Bill Radke talks with them about the view from 2500 feet. (10/08/2005)
Online resources:
» Guide to New England Foliage
» New England Foliage Podcast
» Interactive Foliage Map of the Northeast

Listen IconBaseball Diaries
Adam Hyzdu is a minor league baseball player with a dream that just won't die. He's been trying to break into the major leagues for the last 15 seasons. He came close a few times but never got a permanent spot in the big show. With the help of producer Mark Moran, Adam kept a radio diary of Spring training and the road trips that separated him from his wife and three children. (10/08/2005)
Online resources:
» Adam Hyzdu Player Card (ESPN.com)

Listen IconLiftoff in Albuquerque
Weekend America goes to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. Producer Angela Taylor goes up, up and away at the world's largest ballooning event and describes the view from the clouds. (10/01/2005)
Online resources:
» Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Web site

Listen IconTribal Journey, Part 2
For years, tribal nations of the Pacific Northwest have been trying to revive their culture. During the past 13 summers, tribal members have canoed along the Pacific shoreline to unite their communities spread along the coast. Independent producer Jesse Boggs was invited along for part of this year's journey and this week, he brings us the final chapter of his experience. (09/24/2005)
Online resources:
» Additional production support came from Hearing Voices.com. Special thanks also to Island Outfitters in Anacortes, Washington.
» Learn more about Tribal Journeys at NOAA.gov
» Learn more about Marc Daniels' skin-boat kayaks at TrueNorthBoats.com
» Listen to Part 1 of Jesse's kayak adventure

Listen IconTribal Journey
For years, tribal nations of the Pacific Northwest have been trying to revive their culture. During the past thirteen summers, tribal members have canoed along the Pacific shoreline to unite their communities spread along the coast. This year, independent producer Jesse Boggs went along for part of the journey. (09/17/2005)
Online resources:
» Additional production support came from Hearing Voices.com. Special thanks also to Island Outfitters in Anacortes, Washington.
» Learn more about Tribal Journeys at NOAA.gov
» Marc Daniels' skin-boat Web site
» Next week we'll return to the Tribal Journey for the re-emergence of a ten-thousand year-old tradition: the Aleut kayak.

WA Production Image
Listen IconReady for the Big Game
The end of summer marks the beginning of another season of professional sports. Watching is great, but for some, it's all about the tailgating parties. Weekend America talks with tailgaters awaiting the start of the United States vs. Mexico soccer game in Columbus, Ohio. Both the US and Mexico teams are vying for a spot in the World Cup, but what's really on the line is pride. Mexico is still smarting over a stunning upset by the US in 2002. Weekend America host Bill Radke talks to Mexico City bureau chief Hector Tobar of the Los Angeles Times' about soccer rivalries and the divided loyalties of Mexican Americans. (09/03/2005)

Listen IconRacing in the Family
The family that races together stays together. At least, that's what the Ross family believes. Dave Ross was weaned on the sport and is a racecar driver at age 16. His family is on his crew. Reporter Aimee Machado talked to them at their home away from home, the Irwindale Speedway. (08/27/2005)
Online resources:
» Irwindale Speedway
» David Ross Racing

WA Production Image
Listen IconHey Batta Batta...
Pre-teen boys are sliding into home plate this weekend at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. But sometimes the grown-ups can get a little too involved. Weekend America host Bill Radke talks to a coach and a father -- Sid Cash, head coach of the Maitland Little League team from Florida, and Donny Dee, father of a shortstop for the Rancho Buena Vista Little League team from California, about how they deal with the competitive side of kids' sports. And, we go live to the Little League World Series with reporter John Dimsdale.
Online resources:
» Little League Online
» Little League World Series Schedule (ESPN.com)
» Maitland Little League
» Rancho Buena Vista Little League

Listen IconA Man of Distinction
Air Force major Brian Wier is a contest winner, but it's nothing to be proud of. Brian has the world's worst golf swing. Weekend America host Bill Radke finds out how he feels about the dubious honor.
Online resources:
» World's Worst Golf Swing Contest
» Watch the "Worst Golf Swing" finalists and vote

Listen IconGames People Play
Weekend America correspondent Sue Mell gets together every summer with her family in North Carolina. Their game of choice is Liverpool Rummy. It's a card game that captivates kids and adults alike. Sue considers the bonds she forms through cards and shares the fun from their latest tournament.
Online resources:
» Learn how to play Liverpool Rummy

Listen IconTaking Over the World
Manipulation. Lies. Betrayal. It's all in the name of fun. The best players stop at nothing to win the board game called Diplomacy. Over 50 years after its creation in the 1950's, the game still has a following. Rumor has it that real diplomats are loyal fans. Producer Blake Eskin talks strategy with two competitors headed for the World Diplomacy Convention in Washington D.C. this weekend.
Online resources:
» WorldDipCon
» Potomac Tea & Knife Society
» North American Diplomacy Federation
» Diplomatic Pouch
» World Domination: the Game (washingtonpost.com)

Weekend American Image
Listen IconA Test of Endurance
Lance Armstrong is still in the lead at the Tour De France. What's it like to keep the pace? Weekend America host Barbara Bogaev gets on a bike to find out.

Listen IconWithout a Net
Base jumping is a daredevil sport and last week, Jeb Corliss talked about hoping to take the first jump from a plane without a shute. But it's already been done, by Alan McGee, a soldier in World War II. Weekend America guest host Alex Cohen speaks to his longtime friend, Don Jenkins.
Online resources:
» The Freefall Research Page

WA Production Image
Listen IconThe Bicycle Coach
This week President Bush fell off his bike. He escaped serious injury, but a refresher course might be in order. Bicycle mechanic Eric Sovern from Surly Bikes offers him some pointers.
Online resources:
» More about Eric Sovern
» www.surlybikes.com

Listen IconTaking a Dive
What seems crazy to some is a thrill to others. Jeb Corliss is a BASE jumper who leaps off nearly anything with only a parachute to break his fall. Weekend America correspondent Souix-z Jessup talked with his family to find out what they think of his pastime. Then, Weekend America host Bill Radke gets Jeb's reaction to their concern.
Online resources:
» Watch video of Jeb Corliss BASE jumping around the world:
    56k (RealVideo)
    128k (RealVideo)
    256k (RealVideo)
» More about Jeb Corliss and the film The Ground Is the Limit at GroundIsTheLimit.com

Listen IconMy Father, the Coach
Michael Alltop is a theater director, but he learned everything he knows about life from a baseball coach -- his dad. Michael followed his father's example and coaches his son's little league team. He reflects on a life in sports and the ties that bind.

Weekend America Image
Listen IconWilt's Big Night
Sports history was made on March 2, 1962. Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game. But the moment would be lost to all but memory if not for one resourceful college student. Weekend America host Bill Radke talks with Jim Trelease about the story behind the one-of-a-kind recording of a remarkable quarter in NBA history. (06/04/2005)

Weekend America Image
Listen IconAnd, They're Off!
It's Derby Day in Louisville, Kentucky. We go live to Churchill Downs for a taste of history and tradition at the 131st run for the roses. (05/07/2005)
Online resources:
Kentucky Derby 2005

Listen IconCoincidence in a Half-Nelson
When she got the assignment to create the soundtrack for a documentary film about women wrestlers, musician Neko Case didn't expect to meet a long-lost relative. The unique reunion of two tough broads. (04/02/2005)
Online resources:
The music of Neko Case at PRMS.org
Lipstick & Dynamite: The First Ladies of Wrestling Web site
(Alternate Movie Web site)
View the movie trailer

Listen IconDear Bud Selig:
Like the Sharks and the Jets and the Montagues and the Capulets, the Red Sox and the Yankees will never get along. But a group of Boston area elementary school students says it shouldn't have to be that way. Host Bill Radke talked with a student and a teacher about their campaign to get the teams to shake hands. (04/02/2005)
Online resources:
The Letters Sent by the Merriam Handshake Project
The Slide Show for the Merriam Handshake Project

Listen IconSame Time Next Year
For six years now, reporter Ethan Lindsay has spent the first weekend of college basketball's March Madness hunched around a Las Vegas betting table trying to make it big. Over the years he became friends with another fan there. They reconnect once a year to share their love for college basketball and the madness that happens every March. (03/26/2005)
Online resources:
NCAA Sports: Basketball
LasVegas.com: March Mayhem in Las Vegas

Listen IconEaster in D.C.
This weekend, millions of kids will be hunting for Easter eggs. But the park in producer Katie Davis' neighborhood isn't exactly where you'd want your kids hunting. She and her neighbors have been working hard to get it up to snuff in time for the hunt. (03/26/2005)

Listen IconRunning, Mud and Margaritas
When runner and contributor Ian Chillag reached for water on his run this morning, he got margaritas and marshmallows. He calls Weekend America from the Mt. Penn Mud Festival for a live update. (03/26/2005)
Online resources:
Pretzel City Sports
A Funny FAQ about Trail Races by Mudfest Race Director Ron Horn:
Pagoda Pacers

Listen IconIf I Were a Tall Man...
Writer Gwen Macsai has always noticed that short Jewish men love basketball, the sport of towering giants. It's taken years, but she's finally figured out why. (03/12/2005)

Listen IconRunning on Chi
Reporter Laila McClay loves running. So when she heard of ChiRunning, she had to check it out. It's a combination of the Chinese relaxation technique and one of her favorite sports. Here, she's getting a lesson from ChiRunning's inventor, Danny Dreyer. (03/05/2005)
Online resource:
Los Angeles Marathon
Chi Running

Listen IconMaking Contact
There are not many things that can incite a crowd of adults to be packed on a boat, excited about a splash in the water. But there's nothing that Jim Dorsey would rather be doing than whale watching. (03/05/2005)
Online resources:
Baja Adventure Company
American Cetacean Society
National Marine Fisheries Service
The Whale Museum: List of related whale links
Whale Watching USA
Whale Watching Mexico
Whale Watching Canada

Listen IconLucha Libre Va-Voom
Forget Spiderman and Batman, it's the Luchadores -- Mexican wrestlers -- that really know how to wear their spandex. Reporter Alex Cohen went to a match and was, quite literally, bowled over. (02/26/2005)
Online resource:
Lucha Va-Voom Web site
Upcoming shows: June 29 & 30, Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, Calif.; May 5, Chicago, Il.

Listen IconBaseball Fever
Spring training is unofficially underway. By next week players will be back in the swing of things. Reporter Rene Gutel reports live from the Fan Fest in Peoria, Arizona. She's met some fans who've taken their love of spring training to the extreme. (02/26/2005)
Online resource:
Spring Training Online

Listen IconBob May, Arctic Angler
Wisconsin ice fisherman Bob May shows us around Friese Lake in Wisconsin for a weekend of ice fishing. (02/12/2005)
Online resource:
The Ice Fishing Home Page

Listen IconThe Game of Life
So a baseball fan and a football fan walk into a bar, and they argue about which sport is a better metaphor for life. Bill Radke joined the debate just in time for the Super Bowl this weekend. (02/05/2005)

Haile Selassie
Listen IconCensors Punt Super Bowl Ad
It's Super Bowl weekend and the estimated 90 million viewers will not be seeing this ad: A clergyman finds a set of keys in the collection plate and the keys lead him to a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT luxury pickup. What's so objectionable? To find out, Bill and Barbara speak with Philippe Perebinossoff, a former ABC TV censor about the controversy. (02/05/2005)
Online resources:
View the censored Lincoln Ad (AdAge.com - registration required)
Ford Pulls Lincoln Spot From Super Bowl (AdWeek.com)
Past Super Bowl Ads: 2002, 2003, 2004 (iFilm.com)

Listen IconWhat Are You Eating This Weekend?
For Bob Trohn, it's fresh mullet that he's hooked in the Manatee River. His daughter Robin Sussingham tagged along on a fishing trip to talk to her dad about his favorite way to spend the weekend. (01/22/05)

Listen IconAmsterdam Blues
For a long time, whenever reporter Rico Gagliano was down, he would think of his favorite city, Amsterdam. He says that, regardless of the weather, he thought of it as the "the warm, dry room of the world." But during a visit last year, Rico was faced with the question of what to do when his favorite corner of the world turned out to be less welcoming than he thought. (01/15/05)

Listen IconTelemarkathon
Correspondent Chris Godsey lets us to drop in on a grueling 24-hour skiing race in Minnesota. (01/15/05)
Online resource:
The 24 Hours of Telemark
Telemark Resort

more sports & leisure in the archive
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