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Suzie Lechtenberg

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  • No Crying in Court, Swift Boat Sinks

    Our panel of non-experts suss out the most controversial headlines of the past week: Author and conservative commentator Nancy French; comedian Dana Gould; and Stacey Grenrock Woods, former "Daily Show" correspondent and sex advice columnist for Esquire magazine.

  • Zimbabwe's Spritual Instrument


    These days, when you think of Zimbabwe, the elections are probably your first thought. But for a lot of people, their first association is the mbira -- a musical instrument that's also called a thumb piano. There are many people living in the United States who play mbira -- we tracked a couple of them down.

  • Obama's Cash Campaign, TV Hurls

    Our non-experts tackle the weighty issues of the past week -- Fashion maven Damali Ayo; Luke Burbank, host of the talk radio show "Too Beautiful to Live"; and "New Yorker" cartoonist Bob Mankoff.

  • Creative Ways to Save at the Pump

    California drivers feeling the pinch

    With the price of gas and diesel fuel going through the roof, many Americans are meeting the challenge with some innovative ways to save money. All it takes is a little extra time to plan a route, and sometimes a lot of creativity. Hint: golf carts aren't always just for golfing.

  • Knowing When to Give Up

    Alexander Thompson self-portrait with film camera

    Hillary Clinton plans to announce Saturday her support for Barack Obama's candidacy, ending her bid to become president. Here's some stories from our listeners about a time in their lives when they were so dedicated to something that people around them wondered if and when they would quit.

  • Hillary's Adios, Post-Rapture Email

    Our non-experts weigh in on some of the biggest and oddest headlines of the past week: relationship advice columnist Dan Savage; John Ridley, author and blogger for the "Visible Man" blog at NPR.org; and conservative writer and commentator Nancy French, author of "A Red State of Mind."

  • Military, Married and Serving Together

    Sgt. Beau Freeman's wife also serves in Iraq

    In May of 2006 the U.S. Army began allowing married couples to live together in Iraq to boost morale, preserve marriages and bolster re-enlistment rates. Bill Radke talks to Bikiesa and Joe Cole, two sergeants stationed at Camp Falcon in Iraq, about their cramped quarters, private time and the terrors of mortar attacks.

  • Coping with the Summer SAD Blues

    A cool waterfall

    Most folks associate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with winter weather and dark days. But a small percentage experience the disorder in the summer -- they shun the heat and the glare of the sun, and find solace in dark, air-conditioned spaces. We talk with Saskia Smith about how she copes with summer SAD.

  • An Aging Indy, Paying for Luggage

    Our panel takes on the pressing issues and absurd moments of the week that was: "New Yorker" cartoonist Bob Mankoff, Yale English professor Amy Hungerford and conservative commentator Tara Setmayer.

  • McCain's Rosy Future, Corpses Down the Drain

    Our panel of non-experts tackle the weighty issues of this weekend: John Ridley, who writes the "Visible Man" blog for NPR.org; author David Rakoff, whose latest book is "Don't Get Too Comfortable"; and "A Red State of Mind" author Nancy French.

  • Celebrate World Naked Gardening Day

    Celebrate gardening in the buff...

    Today is "World Naked Gardening Day." Gardeners around the world are marking the day with... well, nothing. Jay North, an organic gardener and "naturalist" in Ojai, Calif., talks with Bill Radke about the joys of gardening in the buff. Just be careful with the garden shears, and keep and eye out for bees...

  • Hitching a Ride to Spring Break

    Mary Anne Wise and friends in Calhoun, Ga.,

    Mary Anne Wise remembers her 1972 odyssey from Minnesota to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., thumbing her way across the country with her two roommates. She hopes that if her own 17-year-old daughter does something equally foolish, she meets up with the kind of folks who looked out for her so many years ago.

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