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Michael Raphael

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  • If the Candidates were Pharmaceuticals


    Drug companies spend millions to find just the right brand name for new drugs. They hire specialized researchers like Jim Singer, president of Namebase. Research has shown that letters with a hard edge like P, T or K convey effectiveness. X seems scientific. L, R or S provide a calming or relaxing feel. Z means speed. We asked Singer to bring his name knowledge to the presidential election.

  • "The Heart of Saturday Night"

    At the South Pole

    When Nathan Tift of Edina, Minn., hears "The Heart of Saturday Night," by Tom Waits, he thinks of a time he was in one of the most remote and coldest places on earth: the South Pole.

  • "Oklahoma!" and Mr. Clean

    First Annual Sisters' Meal Out

    When Maureen McNulty Saxton of Holt, Mich., hears "Oklahoma!" she knows it's the weekend.

  • The Haunted House

    Mountain Woman

    Sue Ely listens to "Haunted House" by Natalia Zukerman on the weekends. Host Bill Radke gets inside it.

  • The Paganini of Timpanists

    Jonathan Haas

    There aren't too many timpani soloists. We meet perhaps the only one.

  • The Bad Plus

    A lot of times, acoustic jazz means something like easy listening. But acoustic jazz trio the Bad Plus makes it their business to challenge the jazz establishment. They put their own stamp on contemporary music by groups such as Black Sabbath, Blondie, and Nirvana. Weekend America's Bill Radke caught up with the Bad Plus on tour and hears their twist on today's music and talks with the band.

  • "Southland in the Springtime"

    The Vaidhyanathan Women

    We've been asking you what song says the weekend for you. This week, listener Vedana Vaidhyanathan from Chapel Hill, N.C. shares her weekend soundtrack with us.

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