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Hour 1

  • Democrat/Libertarian/Whatever

    Mike Gravel, Still in the Running

    There's more to the 2008 campaign than Obama, Clinton and McCain. We catch up with former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, who may yet earn the title of the "real maverick." He started out as a Democrat, but now he's is running as a Libertarian.

  • Music Bridge:
    Tony One
    Artist: Sack and Blumm
    CD: Shy Noon (Gefriem)
  • Border Wall, Spanish Land Grant Collide

    Border patrol near Tijuana, Mexico

    The Department of Homeland Security is building a border wall/fence along the U.S. border with Mexico. Authorities want to put a wall across Eloisa Tamez' property in south Texas -- a wall that will cut in half the land that has been in her family for centuries.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Alter Ego
    CD: Diamanten Und Raketen II (Klang Elektronik)
  • The Black Jews of South-Side Chicago

    Holding the Torah at Temple Beth Shalom

    They call themselves Hebrew Israelites, and claim a connection with the earliest African adherents of Judaism. Incorporating traditions from black Christian churches, the unique synagogue is attracting more and more followers -- even white Jews are coming through the doors.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Steven Bernstein
    CD: Diaspora Suite (Tzadik)
  • Letters

    Letters: James Brown the Hero, Marriage Tourism to Thailand

    Listeners share memories from the moment the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s was assassinated, and sound off about last week's story of a man trying to find a wife in Thailand, and his son's trepidation about that quest.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: The 23's
    CD: Bolivia (Karaoke Kalk)
  • An Unlikely Ascent from Ex-Con to Artist

    Artist, actor and ex-con Epi Lopez

    Before his debut into the art world, Eppiphonio "Epi" Lopez was a drug smuggler. After his release from prison in 2006, he gained local fame for a role in a rock opera. Now his prison sketches are on display at a New Orleans gallery.

  • Music Bridge:
    I Have Super Strength
    Artist: Stanton Moore Trio
    CD: Emphasis (On Parenthesis) (Telarc)
  • Battling for the Grilled Cheese Crown

    'Backdoor Bettys' Sweet Surprise'

    It's just bread, butter and cheese, right? Yes, and so much more. Competitors at this year's Grilled Cheese Invitational are serving up some unexpected gourmet versions of the lunchtime classic. Think mascarpone and roasted squash, sandwich sculpture and bad haiku.

  • Music Bridge:
    Return to Stage One
    Artist: Dub Syndicate
    CD: Pounding System (On U Sound)
  • Paying to Burn the Prairie Grass

    Up in flames

    Rising grain prices has some Midwestern cattle ranchers looking for other ways to make money from their land. One rancher has a novel idea -- he charges tourists to help him burn his prairie grass during his annual spring burn-off.

Hour 2

  • Area of Concern

    New Life for Hamtramck's Black Enclave

    The small city of Hamtramck, right in the middle of Detroit, fought a court order to help rebuild an African-American enclave destroyed by neglect. Now that enclave has new life, thanks to 200 new homes. And for two sisters, it's a new beginning.

  • Music Bridge:
    One Minute
    Artist: The Album Leaf
    CD: Seal Beach (Better Looking)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Potter Battle, Messy YouTube Divorces

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- renowned documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, advice columnist Dan Savage and conceptual and performance artist damali ayo.

  • Music Bridge:
    Broken Promises
    Artist: Quiet Village
    CD: Silent Movie (K7)
  • Change of Seasons

    The Tiny Green Shoots of Welcome

    Peeking out at spring

    Weekend America listener Corrie Befort Patnaude was 9 when her family moved to Minnesota, in the middle of a cold winter. She wasn't used to the cold and couldn't wait for spring to arrive. Befort shares memories of her yard leaping to life as the winter chill dies away.

  • 'Enough Enough Dayenu Enough'

    Haggadeh cover

    Tonight, Jewish families the world over are gathering to remember the Passover -- the epic story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. Judith Sloan shares a poem about the meaning of the Hebrew word "dayenu," which translated means "enough." All the world's hardships... will we ever have enough?

  • Mapping the Score to Planet Earth

    James Plakovic's Earth map, set to music

    James Plakovic's unique map of the planet Earth looks familiar, until you look real close: It's made of musical notes, a score for 37 instruments. It may be difficult to listen to and a little chaotic. But then again, so is the real Earth.

  • Music, Memories for Record Store Day

    Flash Records Store circa 1955

    Independent record stores all over the world are celebrating Record Store Day. And in a world where the number-one music retailer doesn't even have a storefront (it's iTunes), record stores might be considered a precious resource.

  • Music Bridge:
    Three MCs and One DJ
    Artist: Beastie Boys
    CD: Hello Nasty (Capitol)

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